Analysis of the use of tapping skills in SKF bearings

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Analysis of the use of tapping skills in SKF bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-05-24

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[Daily Bearing Network] August 18th to understand the tapping skills used in SKF bearings, we must first understand the following five problems:
(1) What is the workpiece of the SKF bearing?
(2) What is the strength of the workpiece data?
(3) Is the threaded hole being a through hole still a blind hole?
(4) How deep is the screw hole (or workpiece thickness)?
(5) What is the type and scale of the screw holes to be processed?
SKF bearings are used in the tapping skills for tough processing data; spiral groove taps with short thread lengths are required; to reduce the torque during cutting. The taps used in SKF imported bearings are different from most metal cutting things. Because it has a very large touch area with the hole wall of the workpiece; so cooling is very important. If the high speed wire cone is overheated, the tap will break and burn.
The shape of the above taps; combined with a special coating appearance (such as TiN, TiCN, CrN or TiAlN); can greatly improve the life of the tap. These heat-resistant, lubricious coatings used in the production of SKF bearings; Small cutting force and promise to tap at higher cutting speeds. In fact; the development of newer high performance taps; greatly promotes the speed and power of machine tool spindles.
The turning of carbide tools used in SKF bearings is gradually replacing the high-speed steel tools; the carbide taps used in the production of SKF bearings are also used more for threaded hole machining; compared with high-speed steel; hard alloys have high hardness. High brittleness; tapping with carbide taps; the problem of chip disposal in the production of SKF bearings. However, hard alloy taps are used for machining cast iron and aluminum alloys; their application is very good; the damage of taps is mainly Mechanical wear.

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