Anti-leakage measures of aluminum alloy windows outside high-rise residential buildings

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 1. External aluminum alloy windows and aluminum materials must meet the national standards and technical requirements for drawings. The semi-finished products should not be distorted, deformed, or damaged during the process of system installation and handling, and the semi-finished products should be manually trimmed after being deformed. The fittings should meet the standards, and the installation should be solid and close. After the installation is completed, the air is blown into the breeze without any feeling in the airtight state in the room.

2, after the installation of the window frame plug seam processing, using dry hard 1:2 polymer waterproof mortar layered and filled, and then there are two sides of the external coating modified waterproof mortar. Make sure the seam is not empty. The joints must be individually inspected by the person in charge. If they are found to be not dense or empty, they shall be redone or treated with pressure grouting.

3, the outer window sill is less than 20mm lower than the inner window sill, and to make the outward drainage slope, the upper window eyebrow must be made into an eagle mouth shape. Slopes are ≥ 20%, 20mm dripping line is made under the awning pick-up board which is inconvenient for olecranon, and the ordinary emulsion paint at the bottom of the board is replaced with a waterproof wall paint instead.

Electroplating Chemicals Additive
In electroplating process, in order to improve the quality of the coating, a variety of chemicals need to be added to the bath. These chemicals are collectively called plating additives. Electroplating additives are mostly organic compounds, which can be divided into complexing agent, brightener and auxiliary brightener, leveling agent, pinhole remover, dispersant, wetting agent, smoke inhibitor and so on according to their working months in the electroplating bath.

Electroplating Chemicals

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