Eight indicators of the performance of packing materials

The material properties of the packing material directly affect the sealing and service life of the packing, and have the following eight indicators:

First, the compression ratio: the ratio of the thickness of the material to the initial thickness when loading.

Second, the rebound rate: the ratio of the amount of rebound of the solid material when it is unloaded to the amount of compression at the time of loading.

Third, wear resistance: the degree of loss caused by the relative motion between the surfaces of the two materials.

Fourth, self-lubricating: the material itself has lubricity properties.

Fifth, stress relaxation rate: the percentage of stress attenuation in the state of stress relaxation.

Sixth, heat loss: the percentage of mass lost after the substance is burned within the specified time of the specified temperature.

Seventh, acid loss: The percentage of mass lost after the material has been treated in the acid solution of the specified operating procedure.

Eighth, alkali loss: the percentage of mass lost after the material is treated in the alkaline solution of the specified operating procedures. Each material of the packing material has strict regulations for each performance index country or industry, thus ensuring the quality of the packing. Guaranteed.

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'The eight indicators of the performance of the packing material

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