Fuzhou: Safety informationization supervision platform was completed in the first half of the year

Recently, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau that this year the city will continue to increase supervision in the field of safety production, and ensure the stability of the safe production situation through measures such as the establishment of an information supervision platform.

It is reported that in the first half of this year , the city will build a safety production information system that integrates major hazard source monitoring and warning, video conferencing system, safety production emergency rescue command and dispatch, safety production administrative law enforcement, and daily safety supervision functions, and connects it to Fuzhou City. The city's digital integrated management service platform realizes information exchange and sharing. Promote the construction of five-level safety supervision forces in cities, counties, towns (streets), villages (residences) and enterprises, establish a township safety supervision responsibility mechanism with unified powers and responsibilities, promote the construction of village (residential) safety coordinators, and supervise safety The antennae extend in depth.

(Wang Wei)

What`s in a mounting system?

Solar Mounting Systems are composed of three parts: (1) roof attachments, (2) mounting rails, and (3) module clamps.

Each of these components can vary in size, weight, and material, so manufacturers typically provide detailed information to aid in component selection and system design.

Some manufacturers even offer free online design tools to help with planning.

The Roof Mount System is engineered to optimize material use, labor resources and aesthetic appeal. This innovative system simplifies the process of installing solar modules, shortens installation times, and lowers installation costs; maximizing productivity and profits.

The Series 100 Roof Mount System boasts unique, pre-assembled, stainless steel [Snap-In" hardware and watertight flash attachments. This system is installed with a single tool. No cutting or drilling means less rail waste. It is fully integrated with built-in wire management, solutions for all roof types, one-size-fits-all features, and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Series 100 is listed to UL Standard 2703 for Grounding/Bonding, Fire Classification and Mechanical Loading. UL 2703 Certification and Compliance ensures that SnapNrack installers can continue to provide the best in class installations in quality, safety and efficiency.

* Appealing design with built-in aesthetics
* No grounding lugs required for modules
* All bonding hardware is fully integrated
* Rail splices bond rails together, no rail jumpers required
* No drilling of rail or reaching for other tools required
* Class A Fire Rating for Type 1 and 2 modules

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