Hardware tool product update

Hardware tool product update

Although there are many domestic hardware companies, there are few that can go to the international stage. In addition to the lack of product design and performance, there is the branding. The word intelligence is now sweeping the furniture industry. Furniture hardware also needs to diversify the functionality of the product and better meet the needs of this market. To increase the added value of products can be a place in the country and even internationally.

China's hand tool product category for the export of bulk sleeve, hand tools, gardening tools, wrenches followed by the top four, pliers ranked fifth. From the perspective of foreign trade countries, the United States ranked first, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. In the manual tool market, the U.S. hand tool market demand has stabilized, while the United States has increased the scale of new housing in the housing market at the end of last year, and there are still a large number of existing houses unoccupied, bringing great opportunities for housing renovation. The average vehicle type and age of motor vehicles are getting larger, which has played a certain role in promoting the sales of hand tools in the automotive aftermarket. The demand for forging tools for distribution of electronic products is strong, especially adjustable wrenches; the demand for hand tools in Germany has increased, and in Germany, the most comfortable and labor-saving tools are the most popular. The smooth handles and beautiful appearance that help grip the tools are all important factors that appeal to their purchase. With regard to the types of tools, power tools are now becoming more and more popular. Cordless tools have become increasingly popular. The new rechargeable tools currently on the market have multiple rechargeable battery jacks that can be used in various environments. Taiwan's hand tool industry adjusts the product structure. Taiwan's hand tool industry has a stable product quality, timely delivery, and a complete product range. To meet customer needs, it has certain advantages in the world. Moreover, Taiwan’s hand tool sales are dominated by the off-island market. At present, there are about 5,000 local manufacturers, which are mostly located in the central area of ​​Taiwan Island.

At present, it is the period of upgrading of China's hardware tools, from the low-end to high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of China's hardware industry, in the process of the transfer of production of foreign products to the domestic, it will inevitably bring along some advanced foreign production processes and management models including raw materials.

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