How to distinguish the quality of the paint showcase?

Nowadays, the number of manufacturers of custom-made showcases on the market is increasing. Correspondingly, the styles, styles, prices and quality of the showcases are quite numerous, and many people are dazzled. Although they provide consumers with a large number of choices, they also give consumption. It brings certain difficulties. I don't know what kind of showcase is of good quality. I don't know how to determine the quality of the product. How to identify the quality of the paint showcase? Zhengzhou Red Fire tells you with your years of experience in the production of showcases: see the details, on success or failure.

A look at hardware accessories:

In order to make the items placed in order, it is necessary to use some hardware accessories to achieve the purpose, such as a rotating disc for the corner cabinet, a divider for the push-pull locker, and the like. Good showcase production is the perfect combination of hardware fittings and cabinets and cabinet doors. It can be opened and closed freely when used, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation damage, and has a long service life.

Second, look at the edge:

In distinguishing the showcases produced by large manufacturers and the showcases produced by small workshops, the most important point is to look at the edge seals produced by the showcases. Large-scale manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, adopt high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing, and the appearance is firm and firm after sealing, avoiding the damage of the showcase by using water vapor for a long time, and making the showcase more durable.

Three look at the water design:

The countertop has a special water-stop design, so that the water on the countertop is not easy to fall on the showcase. It is also a guarantee that the showcase can be used for a long time. The wetness easily makes the showcase rot.

Fourth, look at environmental protection:

In the process of making showcase props, we must also pay attention to the environmental protection of the showcase materials. Consumers should also pay attention to watching when purchasing. When purchasing personnel in the showcase manufacturers are responsible for purchasing, they must purchase environmentally-friendly materials to ensure that the showcase is harmful to the human body, especially the breath. Some harmful gases have serious harm to the human body. Sex.

Customized showcases, purchase the showcases to the Zhengzhou Red Fire Showcase, our company to ensure the quality standards, meet customer needs, meticulously organize construction, create a reputation display of the boutique display project.

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Material: brass

Surface finish: Polishing (mirro), chromed plated (mirror)

Surface roughness: Rz 3.2

Casting minimum tolerance: +/-0.2mm

Inspection: Slide caliper, microcaliper, projector, 100%

Certification: CE,ACS,Watermark
Package: bag,inner box,outbox

OEM Service: We can produce it according to your requirement.

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