In 2010, China's ceramic industry's four major events have increased internal and external competition

The development of the ceramic industry in the past 30 years after the reform and opening up has indeed written a brilliant chapter in the history of Chinese ceramics development. Today, the ceramic industry is experiencing a thousand years of "extreme cold." Domestic sales, foreign trade back to the enemy, the overall market is sluggish.

In the four major incidents, the internal and external disasters intensified
Event 1: "Energy saving and emission reduction" hit the soft underbelly of the ceramic industry. The ceramic industry itself is characterized by “high energy consumption and high pollution”. Today, the situation is becoming more and more embarrassing. At a critical moment when the government is launching a battle to save energy and reduce emissions, the ceramic industry is even more of a crisis. Since September this year, the implementation of power-limiting measures for enterprises including ceramics has caused local ceramic enterprises to stop production in large areas.

Event 2: The property market regulation is the most severe to accelerate the reshuffle of the ceramic industry. The state's regulation of real estate will have a very large impact on the ceramic industry in the short term. Because the industry is closely related to real estate, as long as consumers remain on the sidelines or temporarily hold the currency for purchase and wait for price cuts, they will have an obvious impact on building materials such as ceramics. Changes in the real estate industry in the next few years will definitely accelerate the reshuffle of the ceramic sanitary ware industry.

Event 3: SMEs in raw materials are facing life and death. According to industry sources, since the beginning of last year, the prices of various metals have doubled, making ceramic sanitary ware enterprises more and more important. In addition, the rise in international crude oil prices has led to an increase in transportation costs. Production costs have increased, but customers are not buying accounts with higher product prices. Too many unfavorable factors have severely caught the throat of small businesses, making ordinary ceramic manufacturers, which were not profitable, worse.

Event 4: The appreciation of the renminbi broke the "export" of ceramic foreign trade. As is known to all, China is a big exporter of ceramics. It is often world-famous and inexpensive. The stock market has depreciated in the renminbi. Many foreign trade pottery companies have been hit hard. If they want to keep profits, they have to raise prices. Once these brands increase their prices, consumers are more difficult to accept. Its foreign distributors may switch to the portal to distribute other branded products.

Foreign brands plunder the Chinese market with mature business models
Before 2003, Kohler led the high-end market of Chinese sanitary ware. During the period of 2003-2007, TOTO sprang up and formed the situation of TOTO, Kohler and American Standard. At present, foreign brands active in the domestic market mainly include Japan's TOTO, Ina, American American Standard, Kohler, Moen, Delda, Hansgrohe, Durawi, Leyi, GROHE, and Spanish. Home, and domestic brands such as Wrigley, sales have reached 1.2 billion yuan, can compete with international brands such as TOTO, the Chinese sanitary ware market is changing the market by individual foreign brands, the competition is increasingly fierce.

It is reported that before entering the Chinese market, these foreign brands have developed more than one hundred years, and the business operation mode has matured. For example, TOTO has a 70% share in Japan, and Kohler has a market share of about 40% in the United States.

“No matter the mode of producing products, the mode of market research, the mode of space, the mode of channel network deployment, the mode of terminal promotion, and the mode of competition with competitors, all are ready-made models, and they are constantly improving models. These systems are supported, just like a healthy human body, these foreign brands are more dynamic."

The production lines of foreign famous brand enterprises are very long and complete in variety, covering high, medium and low-end markets. Due to its brand awareness, consumers have a high degree of recognition of the brand, forming a market blockade for Chinese sanitary ware brands. "For example, TOTO, the price of a low-end toilet terminal is only 600 yuan. If you buy a toilet for 600 yuan, consumers will buy TOTO or a private enterprise? So the ban on the sanitary ware market is very serious."

In 2009, foreign brands accelerated their expansion in the Chinese sanitary ware market.

"China will be transformed from a world factory into a world market. The huge population and rising per capita income level have made many foreign sanitary ware brands optimistic about the Chinese market." Quan Yujie, general manager of marketing of Dunhuang Building Materials Co., Ltd. said.

The international sanitary ware giant has extended its tentacles to the Chinese market, and has also sounded the alarm for some enterprises with weak strength and lack of brand awareness.

National ceramics lead the brand to the domestic market
The development of the sanitary ceramics industry is inseparable from the efforts of domestic sanitary ware enterprises for many years. Especially in the last 10 years, a large number of national sanitary ware brands have emerged and developed gradually.

"Being an international brand in China", this is the latest positioning of Wrigley. Feel free to go to a county-level city in China, you may see the Wrigley store. The industry is also full of confidence in Wrigley, which is considered to be the leader of China's sanitary mass brand. "It is said that the sales of Wrigley in 2008 was about 1.2 billion yuan, and it is developing very well." The reporter contacted Wrigley Chairman Xie Yuerong, who did not deny this. statement. This means that the sales of Wrigley in the domestic market can already compete with TOTO.

Mentioning Wrigley can't help mentioning Huida. Huida has its own advantages. "We Huida, as the representative of the national sanitary ware, shoulders the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the Chinese sanitary ware industry." Wang Yanqing, general manager of Huida Ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd. said. Compared with Wrigley, many people in the industry believe that Huida's foreign trade is doing a better job. Huida and Wrigley, one south and one north, each have their own strengths.

The four-dimensional sanitary ware that was involved in the capital market earlier in the national brand is one of the few listed companies in the domestic sanitary ware industry. Therefore, its performance is particularly eye-catching. Around the four-dimensional listing issue, some insiders believe that the listing initially brought a lot of money to the four-dimensional, but due to some internal adjustments, the four-dimensional has gone downhill for a period of time. In this regard, a certain association leader even said: "Domestic ceramic enterprises If you don’t go public, it’s going downhill when you go public.” Capital operation has always been a double-edged sword. Is it possible to take a new path in the thinking bathroom that is undergoing asset restructuring? We will wait and see.

Competing with international brands on the same stage, Dongpeng Ware, Meijiahua, Hengjie and other developments are also relatively fast. Recently, Dongpeng Ware deliberately held a press conference on the theme of “national brand as self-improvement”. Heng Jie also slogan “National National Sanitary Ware Team”. In addition to Hengjie, the market performance of Aussie Sanitary Ware in recent years is equally eye-catching, and the goal is clear: "Become a world-class sanitary ware company."

In addition, in the field of leisure-oriented sanitary wares, Yigao and Apollo (China) have their own advantages. At present, Yigao has begun to get involved in ceramic products, and Apollo has not seen any movement.

The competition in the domestic and international markets is very fierce. Therefore, the development of the sanitary industry is also very demanding. Therefore, domestic national enterprises should continuously develop themselves and make progress.

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