There is more rainfall in Hunan, and crops should pay attention to fertilization and wintering.

The Hunan Provincial Meteorological Bureau estimates that the average temperature in the first ten days of January is obviously low, around 3 °C; the extreme minimum temperature is about -2 °C. The amount of rain in the first half is slightly more or more, it is 20~40mm; the rainy day is about 8 days. The main precipitation weather process in the first ten days: 1 to 3 days, affected by the high-altitude low trough and the cold air on the ground, there will be rainy and snowy weather in the province. Among them, 2 to 3 days, Xiangxi and Xiangxi are partially large to heavy snow, and some areas have freezing. 4 to 7 days, affected by the cold air on the ground in the south, there was a rain and snow weather in most parts of the province; at the end of the week, it was affected by the low trough and strong cold air in the south, and most of the province had obvious The rain and snow weather process is accompanied by the north wind to increase the weather, and the mountains are frozen. According to the weather forecast for the first half of January, the recommendations for agricultural production are as follows:

1. In the first half of January, there are many rainy and snowy weather days. It is necessary to prevent the damage caused by continuous rain, snow and freezing weather on crops. Do a good job in the management of winter crops such as rapeseed and wheat, re-apply fertilizers, improve the cold resistance of crops, and protect the winters. Trees and flowers that are vulnerable to freezing damage should be protected against cold and frost in advance to ensure their safety over the winter.

2. Grasp the fine weather and do a good job of winter water conservancy and farmland infrastructure construction. Do a good job of deep fertilization in winter for poor fertility fields, improve soil structure and increase soil fertility.

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Diamond Wheel Series

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Diamond Wheel Series

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