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The brand of Lufthansa cabinets may need to be understood by friends who prefer German products. What about Lufthansa cabinets ? Lufthansa cabinets are expensive? Let's learn more about the many aspects of the Lufthansa cabinets today.

Lufthansa Cabinets - Introduction

Lufthansa cabinets, a brand from Italy, landed on the Chinese market in 2006. Lufthansa cabinets are beautifully and elegantly styled, simple and constructed with sophisticated cabinets. They quickly became popular in the Chinese cabinet market and were called by the China Cabinet Professional Committee in 2006. "China's cabinet industry's most influential brand."

Lufthansa cabinets are produced according to a unified technical standard, and they truly integrate standardized production into an automated production line. Every Lufthansa cabinet product has reached the domestic and even foreign advanced level.

Lufthansa cabinets - product technology

Lufthansa cabinets have a full set of imported European production lines. Lufthansa cabinets inherit the simple and humanized design of the German furniture structure, the external atmosphere, the internal fine, perfect combination of space and functional configuration.

The core components of Lufthansa cabinet products are the lifeblood of product quality, from hinges to horseback pullers and even upturned door supports, all manufactured by imported brands.

Lufthansa cabinet cabinets are all made of 18% pure imported base material from Kronos State of Germany. Their environmental protection coefficients are up to European E0 and E1 standards, and formaldehyde emission is lower than international standards.

Lufthansa cabinets - operating sales

Lufthansa cabinets are equipped with a complete market operation management system and a merchant back-office management network system for operation and sales. Hundreds of sales service outlets have been established throughout the country, providing reliable quality assurance for the pre-sale, after-sale, and sales of cabinets. .

Lufthansa cabinets - official website price

1, Lufthansa stainless steel countertop cabinet reference price: 940 yuan / linear meter

2, Lufthansa cabinet reference price: 2700 yuan / linear meter

3, Lufthansa paint cabinet reference price 1,200 yuan / linear meter

Information about Lufthansa cabinets was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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