Trinity quality re-creates the legendary C10 series rotary drilling rig new product release

The new generation of rotary drilling rig C10 series launched by Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery will be officially released on September 9. The C8 series of this series is upgraded on the basis of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent control, stable and efficient, and can be applied to a variety of construction scenarios to create maximum value for customers.

The grand conference held in Beijing on September 9 will invite new and old customers to come and showcase C10 products in multiple dimensions. There will also be on-site signing ceremony and multiple rounds of sweepstakes to reward new and old customers with sincerity.

One, four characteristics to create legendary quality

The new C10 series products have been developed in three years. Sany Heavy Machinery has established the most advanced laboratory in the industry, and the investment in optical laboratory equipment has exceeded 100 million yuan. In the product design, according to the massive data accumulated by the company for more than ten years, the R&D personnel can accurately verify the rationality and reliability of the whole machine design. In the end, the C10, a new generation of pile-driving equipment designed from the perspective of customer use, was born.

C10 rotary drilling rig is mainly used for soil layer geology, construction of small and medium-sized perfusion deep piles for construction. The most prominent feature is flexibility, energy efficiency. Compared with the C8 series, the C10 series features four major features to enhance its quality.

(1) Energy saving and environmental protection

Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery has completely replaced the National III engine on the C10 series products, and once again leads the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly products in the industry. The new EFI engine in the C10 series is able to precisely control the oil supply and achieve significant energy savings without losing the load.

(2) Stable and efficient

The C10 series uses a special chassis for rotary drilling, which has made significant progress over other non-dedicated chassis from power, machine stability, and maintenance convenience. Through the rearrangement of the traditional components in the chassis, the stress condition of the key components of the equipment is improved, and many common faults are avoided; at the same time, the internal space is increased, and the maintenance difficulty of the later equipment is effectively reduced.

The power head torque reaches 360kN?m, the maximum speed can reach 25rpm/min; the standard drill pipe is upgraded to 508×18m, the drilling depth can reach 100m, and the special drill pipe can drill depth up to 103m; the corresponding drill can be configured according to customer needs. Rod drilling bucket; power head plus pressure increased to 290kN, and equipped with rock adaptive technology, multi-speed control system, greatly improving hard rock drilling efficiency; main winch high-efficiency confluence technology, the fastest speed of 75m / min, reduce drilling Redundancy time.

(3) Intelligent control

The SANY-ADMS intelligent control system is equipped with a ten-inch vertical touch screen, which adopts a natural user interface design, which is easy to understand and easy to understand, and brings a new rotary digging operation experience. The system includes fault self-diagnosis, construction data record transmission, picture-in-picture display, driving sound and light alarm device, boarding escalator and other functions to protect construction safety.

(4) Experience comfort

The newly designed C10 series not only brings a new level of comfort to the driver, but also brings a new operating experience to the field maintenance staff. The integrated electric control cabinet design and integrated pressure measuring point bring great convenience to equipment maintenance. Side hydraulic main and auxiliary valves make hydraulic maintenance more convenient. A variety of technologies, such as large maintenance space and quick disassembly and replacement of skateboards, make the maintenance of the whole machine more convenient.

Second, "one machine multi-purpose" to meet customers' multiple infrastructure needs

The new C10 series professional design and powerful equipment performance make its rock intrusion more outstanding. Its maximum drilling diameter can be extended to 3.0m, which is widely used in civil and industrial construction, high-speed rail, highways, bridges, airports, water conservancy and hydropower. The construction of the bored piles of the project, whether it is urban, desert, snow, mountain or water, only need to be equipped with drill bits and construction methods suitable for the corresponding terrain. The Trinity Rotary Drill can solve the construction problems. In this way, it can be applied to a variety of construction scenarios, which not only improves the efficiency of equipment use, but also saves input costs for customers and creates maximum value. “One machine multi-use” enables customers to purchase one time and meet various infrastructure needs in the future. Then purchase other rig equipment according to the construction environment.

Third, full service, peace of mind

Not only the quality of the Sany Rotary Drilling Rig can bring extraordinary use and enjoyment to customers, creating the greatest use value. Sany's customer service is all-round and considerate. The service system runs through pre-sales, after-sales to after-sales, and truly gives you peace of mind. No worries.

Customers can call Sany's service hotline 4008-282318 or 12127 if they have a purchase request, so professionals will follow up on your needs and recommend the right equipment for you. The Trinity Drill Pipe enjoys a 2000 hour warranty. During the warranty period, the service engineer assists the customer in inspecting the drill pipe at least four times. If you need spare parts repair, you don't need to worry. Sany has 65 parts warehouses and more than 5,000 kinds of spare parts. There are 500 overseas service engineers at 112 service outlets to provide you with services at any time. After receiving the order from you, Sany promises to reply to the customer within 1 hour, reach the main service area within 2 hours, solve the general fault within 1 day and provide common use. Accessories, resolve customer complaints within 2 days, and resolve customer legacy issues within 7 days.

Such a comprehensive service network, because Sany not only pursues the excellent quality of products, but also is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions.

Fourth, promotional activities, sincerely give back to customers

Customers who deliver 100,000/s or more deposits between August 1st and September 15th will be able to participate in the triple ceremony at the September 9th conference - "Come on," "Buy," The “Great Award” series of promotional feedback activities.

On the September 9th conference, as long as you pay the deposit to purchase the C10 rotary drilling rig, you can participate in the “come to draw” lucky draw, the first prize Huawei P9 mobile phone, the second prize MOTO 360 watch, the third prize VR glasses, both Waiting for the lucky one to smoke. Not only that, the customer who pays the deposit will be given different travel packages according to the model, including the 5-day tour of the new Matai three-day tour, the European three-day tour and the European three-day tour, and the validity period is valid until 2017. On September 30th, you will be able to combine work and leisure. It’s not enough to have these, and the customers who pay the deposit will also have the opportunity to draw the ultimate prize – an excavator! Let's wait and see what the lucky one will be.

As an industry leader, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery insists on creating the most value for customers with first-class quality and constant innovation. Sany is also looking forward to your choice and trust, and will work together in the future to develop together!

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