What are the brands of China's top ten flooring floor winners?

The floor is a popular decoration material for home decoration. It is not as slippery as a tile, and has good environmental protection and dirt resistance. Due to these advantages, many people choose the floor to decorate the house floor. There are many brands of flooring on the market. How much do you know? The following Xiao Bian took everyone to take a look at China's top ten floor rankings , we can refer to China's top ten floors to choose their own floor brand Oh!

China's top ten floors

1. Icon floor

St. Vincent's floor occupied the status of the boss of the floor industry, belonging to the Icon Group. Shengxiang Group is the top brand among China's strong brands, and its iconic floor also has many honors such as China's environmental protection products, national inspection-free products, and China's well-known trademarks.

2. Safe floor

The secure floor is located in Nanxun, the capital of wood flooring. Since its establishment, it has been in existence for 20 years and there are more than 1,200 stores in the country. As a leader in environmental protection flooring, Safe Flooring has always adhered to the production philosophy of “Quality is life, product is character” and has gained the trust of many consumers.

3. Fillinger

The Fringel floor brand has a long history. It has been more than 90 years now. Fillinger is headquartered in Germany. Fillinger has a high degree of authority in the wood products industry, and now Fringel's products have gradually expanded to the entire cabinet, system furniture and other fields.

4. Del der

Del Der is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional wood flooring. Although its performance has declined in recent years, it still does not affect its popularity. Del is a pioneer in environmental protection flooring and is also a sponsor of the Olympic Games. His honors are numerous.

5. Nature

Nature is Asia's most valuable brand and one of the largest floor manufacturers in Asia. Nature Flooring has made many contributions to the advancement of the flooring industry, focusing on flooring production for nearly two decades and is committed to building a world-class flooring.

6. Best floor

Best Floors is a flooring brand originating in Shenyang. Since its establishment only more than a decade ago, its products have spread all over the country and are also exported to overseas countries. BES's floor continues to innovate, combining local styles, designing a variety of floor styles with different styles.

7. Life Home Baroque

Living home Baroque, is a famous professional household wood parquet, it is one of the three major brands of living home. Taking the European Baroque civilization as a starting point, it symbolizes the constant pursuit of exquisite life. It is also an exemplary brand that pays tribute to pure craftsmanship.

8. Rhine sunshine

Rhineland belongs to the German Knorr-Wood Group, and its brand age has exceeded the first century. The products are sold in over 100 countries around the world and are currently one of the most professional laminate flooring manufacturers in the world.

9. World friend floor

Shiyou Floor is a well-known trademark of Zhejiang and is a diversified company. It includes a lot of wood products and forms a diversified industrial layout. The quality of its brand wooden floor is also famous at home and abroad.

10. Yangtze floor

The Yangzi floor belongs to China's wooden floor manufacturer, Ganzhou Yangzi Wood Industry Co., Ltd., and it is a company with extensive experience in China. In the industry, it is very influential. It also participates in the formulation of various industry standards and its strength should not be underestimated.

Editor's summary : The above is the relevant introduction of China's top ten floorboard rankings . After reading this, is the floor brand more known? I hope to be helpful. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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