Common door-moving device failures and troubleshooting

(a) The door cannot be moved

1. Hanging rails and hanging wheels do not support optional accessory products;

2. Damage to the suspension wheel bearing or damage to the outer cladding Replace the upper part of the suspension wheel;

3, the bottom of the door to touch the ground adjustment door height;

4. The bracket deforms to droop the door; replace the bracket.

(B) Feeling heavy and moving hard

1. Hanging rails and hanging wheels do not support optional accessory products;

2. When the hanger rail is installed, replace the hanging rail;

3, the rail does not horizontally re-adjust the horizontal rail;

4. The bottom side of the door collides with the ground, or the positioner and the door do not adjust the door height or move the positioner on a vertical line;

5, hanging wheel bearings are poor or no bearings at all, or the outer cladding is too soft to replace the hanging wheel;

6, around the door there are high and low adjustment doors around the height.

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