The anti-theft lock of the ancients is something you never imagined.

The ancient people's locks, whether it is wood craft, smelting technology, design or anti-theft function design, are extremely practical and scientific. The Chinese ancient lock culture has sparked the brilliance of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, and the wisdom of the ancestors is admirable. Convinced.
Qing Tibet eight-cover wooden lock
It is a unique wooden lock in China. It has been used for nearly two thousand years and is a big wooden lock for big families. The eight-cover lock is made of a whole piece of hardwood empty carving. The keyhole is very complicated. The craftsman made this unique iron key according to the cross-sectional area of ​​the woodcarving inner road. "At one angle, if a bend does not match, you can't open the lock." At the scene, the reporter observed that the internal lock groove structure of the eight-cover lock is very complicated, like a labyrinth. "The key must be completely close to the lock slot, there is no gap." Only when the unique key passes through the labyrinth groove can the lock inside the lock be touched, and the lock can be opened after the lock is slightly bounced. According to him, each key of the eight-cover lock is unique, because the angle and curvature of the iron key must be consistent with the angle and curvature of the labyrinth lock groove. Otherwise, the slight difference can not be combined with the yin and yang to open the wooden lock. .
Ancient city door wooden lock
The principle of the waist-wood lock is mainly to fix each cross-bar of the city gate by locking the vertical bolt of the city gate, thereby fixing the entire city gate, interlocking and indispensable. The ancient lock was used to lock in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Chengmen, the domestic existing quantity is very rare, and its unlocking principle is very novel and unique.
The inside of the wooden lock has a circular lock core, and a circular groove is arranged on the circular lock core. When Xiong Wenyi turns the lock core downward, the groove of the lock core will touch the lock with the action of gravity. , thus locking the lock cylinder. When the key is inserted into the lock slot, the bump on the key corresponds to the groove on the lock cylinder, and the lock is slightly pushed back into the groove. At this time, the circular lock core is rotated by 90 degrees to be extracted. The lock cylinder opens the wooden lock.
"confusing" lock
"The double-locking of the top finger in the Qing Dynasty" and the "inverted zipper" are called "confusing type". The hidden organs only know the position of the main talent. Even if the thief finds the key, it is only possible to use the key unique to the owner. Open, the thief can't open at all.
The "Z-shaped opening wooden lock" is even more confusing, because it is necessary to put the key in it to make full use of the imagination, and after putting it in, it is also very technical, in order to unlock. And "double door double lock a wooden lock", this requires three keys to unlock. A small wooden sign is used to pick up the bolt, and the other two keys are opened separately. If you don't know the principle, even if you give two keys, you must not unlock.
Whether it is the use of the geometric principle of the eight-wood lock, or the physical principle of the waist-wood lock, or even the psychology of the reverse thinking principle of the "confusing" lock, it is really eye-opening.

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