20 square small apartment decoration skills 20 square small apartment decoration method

Nowadays, young people are going to buy a house. They usually buy a house. But now the price of the building is rising rapidly. For those families with poor economic conditions, they have to buy small houses. , then the small apartment decorated 20 square What are some tips that? 20 square small apartment renovation methods are there that? Xiao Bian below the decoration of the home network come to tell you about it.


One, 20 square small apartment decoration skills

1. The open kitchen with the porch separated by the shoe cabinet, the fuchsia cabinet looks fashionable. Open kitchens are very common in modern decoration, but owners must pay attention to their living habits. If you cook more at home, try not to open an open kitchen, because there will be problems with soot, which will bring unnecessary life to your future life. Trouble.

2, white living room, rectangular ceiling, from the living room to the restaurant, so that its space will appear more spacious. The rounded-shaped TV background wall is decorated with elegant wallpapers, adding some agility to the living room dominated by this straight line, which becomes the visual point of the living room.

3.20 square meters of small apartment decoration bedroom can only save in the province, space should not be placed in other furniture space, the two wardrobes are also placed separately. The bedroom has only 5 square meters of space, and no other colors are used in the decoration to avoid the chaos or visual fatigue of the room. The simple white color can bring out the romantic elements of the Nordic style.


Second, 20 square small apartment decoration method

1.20 square small apartment type If you blindly pursue the expansion of space utilization rate, it is likely to cause visually too structured and no emotion. However, the designer obviously does not do this, boldly breaks the original pattern, and cleverly uses the contrast of one collection and one release, and arranges all the functional areas required for normal living in the ultra-small apartment space. And the unique material selection and color matching make the small space full of original novelty and modern metropolis style.

2. The table that runs through the length of the room during the renovation takes on a wealth of functions. The location of the door is the kitchen, which is equipped with a sink, a preparation space and a cooktop. Further inside is the multi-functional area that anyone can play. It is ok to eat and work here. The partition below the tableboard not only serves as a support, but also naturally divides the functional area. Two foldable coffee tables and a sofa bench with wheels are active around the table, magically transforming the function of the living space.

In this highly competitive era, the price of houses has also changed, so the houses that people buy are small-sized ones. What are the techniques and methods for 20-square-meter apartment decoration? I want to introduce them through the above small series. I also understand the problem, if you want to know more about decoration, continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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