How much is the price of xenon lamp? What brand of xenon lamp is better?

Xenon lights, I believe that friends who have a car should not be unfamiliar with it, this is a product that has much more brightness and durability than ordinary lamps. So how much is the price of xenon lamp ? Which brand of xenon lamp is better to buy? Now, let's take a look at Xiaobian.

1, how much is the price of xenon lamp

As we all know, in general, this type of lamp is generally based on different models to match, and most of them are sold in sets. Therefore, the prices of these xenon lamps described in this article are only for different brands of lamps. The general price of the lamp, the best friends in the actual purchase when it is best to tell the business specific models, so that you can buy to really fit your own product oh.

a、Sylvester Xenon lights 6000KH4P35W

This is a product that most white-collar workers prefer to purchase. This type of xenon lamp costs about 400-500 yuan, which is a little expensive, but its product performance and service life are often unmatched by other products.

b. Philips fourth generation 6000K, 35W

Compared with the former brand, the brand's xenon lamp prices are relatively close to the people, usually only about 200-250 yuan can be.

c. Langyun Xenon lamp, 70W product corresponding to the price is less than 200-250 yuan.

d, multi-pass F3, 35W

This should be one of the most affordable prices for xenon lamps purchased by many people, as low as 200 or less, so this is one of the factors that it can get far more sales than others.

2, what brand of xenon lamp is better

a. Philips HID Xenon lights

As we all know, the reason why the price of xenon lamps is so expensive is that while it consumes only 1/2 of the power of other general lighting devices, it can bring about 3 times more light than ordinary lighting devices, so that we have already selected products that are so expensive. , it should try to buy can be durable from the product. And this brand of xenon lamp can play a good protection role by adding anti-ultraviolet quartz glass, thus prolonging the service life.

b. OSRAM Xenon lights

With a wealth of experience in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns, in the process of xenon lamp R & D and production are very hard, so this is also a brand of xenon lamp to buy.

c. Snowlight xenon lamp

Has always been focused on the production of high-quality lighting products, a veteran of the old brand, with a good product performance and reputation has won the favor of many consumers.

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, the above is the article for everyone on the xenon lamp prices and some of the relatively good brand of related content, I hope everyone in the actual purchase, according to their specific needs, to buy their own quality Xenon lights.

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