How to find home decoration decoration company choose decoration company

For decoration, most people do not understand, but to buy a house must be renovated, so this time can not be separated from the decoration company. But now there are too many decoration companies in the industry. If you want to choose a good decoration company, you still need certain skills. How do you look for decoration decoration companies ? Let's take a look at the main points of home improvement.

Decoration home improvement company how to find the point 1, regular business

To find a decoration company must choose to have a corporate legal person, business license, construction industry qualification certificate and industry association membership certificate. This is a formal decoration company, and it can be better protected when the problem arises.

Decoration home improvement company how to find the point 2, qualification

It is also necessary to judge the qualifications of the decoration company, which can be judged from the high degree of integrity, the ability to fulfill the contract, and the reputation. The decoration company with excellent qualifications has a certain scale, and its various departments are well equipped, and it is recommended to run several more. Word of mouth value, decoration offer, specific decoration items, service attitude, reputation, etc., and then choose.

How to find decoration decoration company 3, designers

Designers can reflect the strength of the company. Once it enters the door of the decoration company, we are the first to contact the designer, the designer with good strength, and the strength of the decoration company is certainly not bad.

Decoration home improvement company how to find points 4, field survey

Most decoration advertisements are deceiving, and often there are false and exaggerated phenomena. When we choose a decoration company, it is best to make a decision after field survey. We can judge from the decoration of the office, decoration of the model room, etc. The side reflects the construction quality.

How to find decoration decoration company 5, decoration contract specifications

The renovation contract signed during the renovation is a guarantee for our home improvement. Therefore, we need to find a decoration company that uses the "Model Contract for Family Home Decoration". They will carefully fill out and select all contract items according to the strict rules of the contract, and indicate the rights and obligations of both parties. Responsibility for breach of contract, etc.

How do you find decorative decoration company 6, avoid low prices

Low-cost decoration is not credible, to do decoration at low prices, often unreliable companies linked to the company, it is prone to the failure to fulfill the decoration contract, private funds escaped, shoddy, shoddy and other acts of harming owners.

How to find decorative decoration company points 7, do not seek guerrillas on the road

Do not choose road guerrillas, they do not have licenses and qualifications, there is no fixed place of business, there is no guarantee of decoration, can not appeal, rights protection.

Editor's Note: The above is about the decoration of home improvement company how to find the main points, I hope the Xiaobian share these contents can help everyone, for everyone in the choice of decoration company to provide some reference. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can follow our website information.

How to find decoration decoration company

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