Living room 4 weeks ceiling hanging general width of the living room ceiling decoration need to pay attention to what

A lot of decoration space will choose the ceiling to decorate the top surface, cover the objects of the water pipe, increase the interior beauty. If you use the living room ceiling for 4 weeks, then the ceiling of the living room is generally more than 4 weeks wide hanging it? Today we will take a look at the living room 4 weeks ceiling generally hanging more width !

4 weeks in the living room

The width of the suspended ceiling in the living room for 4 weeks depends on the size of the height. Generally, the width and height will form a specific ratio. Many home renovations will choose a ceiling with a width of 40 cm. After the renovation, the height and width of the ceiling look comfortable, and it would not be surprising to show that the ceiling design of the living room is very successful, as the specific data does not require too much tangling.

Usually in the living room ceiling design, many decoration users will choose a more hierarchical, three-dimensional strong style, this type of ceiling style, the living room will be lower than the middle of the surrounding. The more common values ​​are 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, and 25 cm. This, of course, depends on the height of the actual house floor. The width of the ceiling is usually between 35-40 cm.

4 weeks ceiling decoration in the living room

1. Before carrying out the ceiling hanging around the living room, it is necessary to actually measure the top surface of the living room, calculate the total area, and then perform drawing of the ceiling design drawings, and finally determine the ceiling material required. When these are all in place, sudden changes that may occur during construction of the ceiling, such as inaccurate dimensions, should also be considered. If you really encounter such situations, decoration users can find designers or professionals to repair, and then continue to ceiling construction.

2. The ceiling of the living room must leave some blank areas, so that the occupants have imagination space. Therefore, it is not recommended to decorate the ceiling of the ceiling of the original surrounding ceiling, and then carry out the decoration of the arc ceiling. This design will make space available. It seems to lose simple and overly complicated. The simple ceiling shape with some simple decorations will often give the space an unexpected effect. In the ceiling design, this requires special attention.

3. If the wall decoration of the living room space is too beautiful, use richer colors and the pure white color of the ceiling, this design will easily affect the visual effects. We can combine the colors of the walls to supplement the color of the ceiling, so as to achieve a harmonious unity and add a pair of ceilings, the effect will be more prominent, and it will help create a gorgeous sense of space.

About the living room for 4 weeks , the width of the ceiling is generally suspended . Xiao Bian will introduce it here for the time being. I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about the living room ceiling, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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