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Huaxi Alloy produces and processes the history of Babbitt cast bushing bushings. The quality is professional and experienced. It can not only supply high quality babbitt products, but also provide professional bearing technology. Engaged in bearing tile processing, bearing refurbishment, bearing repair. Welcome users to provide bearing diagram
Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used for large mechanical spindle bushings, bearings, bushings and bushings. Such as: cement machinery, steel machinery, chemical machinery, paper machinery, petroleum machinery, ship machinery, compression machinery, coal mining machinery, mineral processing equipment, etc., can also be used on large machine tools to replace brass, the effect is also very good. In addition to the manufacture of plain bearings, babbitt is often used for the production of bushings due to its soft texture and low strength. In order to prevent segregation of components and refine grains, a small amount of arsenic is often added. According to national standards, babbitt alloys are classified into tin-based alloys and lead-based alloys. Lead-based alloys have lower strength and hardness than tin-based alloys and poor corrosion resistance. Therefore, when customers use Babbitt alloy, tin-based alloys are usually used. The commonly used grades are ZChSnSb11-6, ZChSnSb8-4, ZChSnSb8-8 and so on.

Although the performance of lead-based alloys is not as good as that of tin-based alloys, many customers still choose to use them because they are economical to use. The commonly used grades are ZChPbSb16-16-2, ZChPbSb1-16-1 and so on. With anti-friction properties, tin-based babbitt and lead-based babbitt are the only materials that can be rotated relative to low-hardness shafts. They are more adaptable and indentable than other bearing materials. They are widely used in large marine diesel engines. Turbines, alternators, and other mining machinery and large rotating machinery.

Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd., Babbitt alloy is the leading product of our factory. It not only produces traditional specifications, but also produces and develops a variety of high-strength wear-resistant babies, with many varieties and complete specifications. Users can choose according to their own equipment conditions.

Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. Business scope: Babbitt alloy, tin-based alloy, babbitt bearing bush, sling babbitt, wire rope babbitt, ball mill babbitt bearing bush, babbitt slider. Babbitt alloys are mainly tin-based alloys and lead-based alloys. Because the structure of this alloy consists of a soft matrix and hard spots, the hard points in the matrix can be used to support the shaft and withstand friction during the operation of the bearing, while the soft matrix ensures a good fit between the bearing and the journal. Sex. Therefore, tin-based bearing alloys (tin-based babbitt) and lead-based bearing alloys (lead-based babbitt) are the preferred materials for a better bearing (bearing) bushing bushing. Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. not only provides you with high-quality babbitt alloy, but also develops a variety of wear-resistant anti-vibration and anti-pressure seal bearing alloys, with many varieties and specifications. Its products are mainly used for: building materials "target=_blank> building materials mechanical ball mill, steel machinery, hydropower equipment turbine, paper machine drying machine, beater, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, mineral processing equipment, ship machinery, compression machinery, thermal power machinery, etc. Mechanical bearings (bearings), bushings, bushings, elevator slings, wire rope fastening, etc. Customers can choose the right product according to their mechanical equipment "target=_blank> mechanical equipment conditions. Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. has 32 years of history of Babbitt production and processing of bearing bushings. It has professional quality and rich experience. It can not only supply high quality babbitt products, but also provide professional bearing technology. Engaged in bearing tile processing, bearing refurbishment, bearing repair. Users are welcome to provide the bearing map number or to map to sample business negotiations. The company's business scope: specializing in the production and processing of babbitt bearing bush, tin-based alloy bearing bush, lead-based alloy bearing bush. Scope of application: steel mill rolling mill bearing bush, hydropower turbine turbine bearing bush, machine tool sliding device, steam turbine bearing bush, turbo generator bearing bush, hydro generator bush, turbine runner, compressor bush, sintering machine bush, steel bush, ball mill Tile, coal mill bearing bush. Performance characteristics: high hardness, good wear resistance, high load bearing pressure, corrosion resistance and shock resistance. Zhoukou Huaxi Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, excellent mechanical processing equipment, complete testing equipment, scientific management and good reputation, and is well received by users.
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