Chang En Industrial supply stainless steel security door modern community anti-theft must use

The stainless steel door is a door made of stainless steel plate material. It is the same as the ordinary door. The main material is stainless steel plate. The filling inside is usually foam or honeycomb paper. It has a solid feeling when knocking. In the middle is the door flower, the door flower clip is between the inner and outer two layers of glass, so it can play the role of anti-theft door. It can use the mold to make various kinds of door flower parts. The residential area is the most used, generally used as the entrance door, protection The inner door is not destroyed!

Several key points affecting the quality of stainless steel security doors:

Production process: high flatness of the whole board, natural and smooth seams, no solder joint process. Good stainless steel raw materials can be bought as long as they are willing to invest in the cost. The production process is related to the high-grade, beautiful and durable products, which is the embodiment of the brand's real hard power;

1. Flatness: CEI is a high-quality stainless steel plate, which must be selected before use to ensure the quality of the material; then it is pressed through the hydraulic press to ensure that the door is flat and solid and stable;
2. Seam work: the tidy and smooth joints between the door and the door frame. This is an important factor in measuring whether the factory technology is excellent. Therefore, the seam details determine the product quality, and the CEI seam effect speaks with facts;
3. Nested solderless process: using double-layer stainless steel plate, through the high-compression degree nesting fixing technology, the technical effect of the integrated stainless steel door page surface without solder joints is achieved, and the stainless steel door is ensured at the same time. Stability of internal structure;
4. Special design for anti-smashing edge: anti-smashing and anti-collision meet the highest international standards, and have good dust-proof effect.

Door set door steel wood door stainless steel door entry door security door

Product parameters:

Product Category Complete set of doors
Material metal
Metal Material stainless steel
Switch type Manual
Craftsmanship manual
Special Purpose Anti-theft
Scope of use patio
quality level Principal
Security Level Class A
Custom processing Yes
Whether foreign trade Yes
Door frame size Custom (cm)
Door frame thickness Custom (mm)
Brand Chang En Invincible (CEI)
Reference Price ¥10

Door set door steel wood door stainless steel door entry door security door

Stainless steel security door quality supplier recommended

Shenzhen Changen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale internationalized door lock enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Since its establishment in 2002, it has always adhered to the concept of “establishing a model of the industry and leading the development of China's high-end door lock industry”, and constantly innovating. The company now has two factories: solid wood door factory and steel door factory, which are established according to the needs of enterprise development. "Jin Mu Lang" cultural and creative company and "Hui Xin Gu" lock technology company. Established the self-owned brand CEI, which was precipitated by Changen for more than 10 years (also known as Chang En.).

Shenzhen Changen Industrial Co., Ltd. invests a large amount of scientific research funds every year, and is committed to creating a series of high-end lock cores, locks, hinges, electronic locks, anti-theft security doors, fire doors, craft copper doors, and original wooden doors. product. So far, 58 patents of 21 categories and 370 items including hardware have been seized; 3 of them are international invention patents.

Door set door steel wood door stainless steel door entry door security door

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â—† Company Name: Shenzhen Chang En Industrial Co., Ltd.

â—† Trading method: online trading is not supported

â—† Freight problem: the seller bears

â—† Registered capital: RMB 12.254 million

â—† Annual turnover: RMB 5,000 - 1 billion

â—† Established: 2002-02-10

â—† Number of employees: 501 - 1000 people

â—† Monthly production: 100,000

â—† Plant area: 12,000 square meters

â—† Certification information: ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003, ISO 9004, ISO 14000

â—† Main customer groups: real estate, villas, government, banks, petrochemicals, rental houses, schools, nursing homes

Editor in charge: Zhou Jiao

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