How can this year's flood prevention be better?

The annual flood season will come again. Each local government is holding a defense conference in the flood season. How to ensure local security during the flood season this year and how to ensure that the people’s property is not damaged is a top priority for government agencies.

According to previous statistics, 62% of the cities in our country have experienced guilt. It seems that the data show an upward trend. The Yangtze River Basin is particularly serious. Heavy rain fell suddenly, and warehouses, subways, underground shopping malls, stores, and basements took their toll. Flood prevention and flood protection are related to the survival and development of the entire people. However, the city does not have a well-planned drainage system when it comes to building design. Through the renovation project, it will not be able to solve the problem of urban internal waste within a short period of time. Only work on emergency defense machines.

The current emergency methods are roughly divided into two types. One is drainage, and the other is waterproof.
Drainage is mainly used in areas with large underground space and areas where there is no fear of moisture. Such as underground garage, after the water can be opened pumping drainage system, the water can be pumped out of the water.
Waterproofing is mainly used where water is scared. According to different environments, the required flood prevention materials are also different. At present, the main anti-mite tools are sandbags with flood prevention, flood control gates, and flood control dampers. DEFE flood control experts believe that a new generation of aluminum alloy modular flood control baffles have a variety of advantages in flood control and water retention, which can completely replace traditional sandbags.

Sandbag flood protection has a certain effect, but it can not be waterproof and rainproof. 1. The quality is too heavy to handle and it requires a lot of manpower.
2. Poor emergency, unable to complete the stack the first time. 3. Large gaps prevent sealing and waterproofing, making it difficult to slip off. 4. It takes up a lot of space and is not easy to store and collect. 5. Durable travel, can not be reused.
DEFE combined flood control flaps completely avoid the disadvantages of sandbags. It can be used for flood protection. 1. Quick assembly and disassembly 2. Stackable collection 3. Installation and disassembly requires only one person to operate 4. Excellent sealing and waterproof performance This product is mainly used for temporary flood prevention and flood protection Role, suitable for installation in subways, tunnels, underground shopping malls, underground garages and other underground main entrances and exits, as well as residential districts, buildings, hotels, schools, government agencies, and public institutions, such as major entrances and exits.
It is not only the government's business to prevent floods, but also the consciousness that each of us should have. If you are worried about your site being flooded, then act quickly. DEFE flood prevention door is willing to join hands with you to build a better home.

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