Talking about the Features and Application Fields of Miniature Diaphragm Pumps

Miniature diaphragm pump is actually a miniature vacuum pump, pump with one into and out of the exhaust nozzle, the exhaust nozzle of each one, the internal mechanism of the pump to reciprocate the diaphragm inside the pump, and in the The inlet can continue to form a vacuum or negative pressure, the exhaust nozzle at a slight positive pressure; working medium is mainly gas, a compact instrument. This miniature diaphragm pump has many applications in the market, but not many manufacturers actually have the quantitative production. Shanghai Kai Tai Pump Co. Ltd. is one of them. Kay too the first pump engaged in a variety of diaphragm pump research and development for nearly 20 years, which is also an important micro-pump production series. This miniature diaphragm pump is very easy to move and install. It has a self-priming function. The built-in pressure switch protects the pump automatically. The medium temperature is up to 60 ℃. Low noise, corrosion resistance, high pressure and self-priming height up to 5 meters. This micro-diaphragm pump is widely used in reverse osmosis water purification systems, filters, spray devices, industrial equipment, chemical metering liquid, health, environmental protection, printing and other industries. Miniature diaphragm pumps In particular, miniature diaphragm pumps can address the needs in the following areas. 1, to solve the vehicles, ships, boats and other in-service diet, wash, bath, toilet, rinse water. (1) high, medium and low-grade bus toilets and drinking fountains water supply system. (2) a variety of RV, field camper, family recreational vehicle water supply system. (3) other special vehicles, such as blood collection vehicles, ambulances, TV broadcast trucks, reconnaissance vehicles, construction vehicles and other vehicle crew water systems. (4) all kinds of ships, yacht water supply system. The installation of matching filters, from the sea, rivers, lakes, ponds, water wells directly in the water. 2, food, beverage processing and processing equipment to achieve the transfer of fluid food, distribution, filling and so on. 3, family water supply. 4, solar industry. 5, other liquid transfer and jetting equipment and systems. For example, cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, purification equipment, cooling systems. Miniature diaphragm pump is a small device for large-scale use of equipment, but the Shanghai Kai too pump also reminded the majority of users also note that the Notes on the instructions, or improper use can also cause damage to the equipment. (Editor: LLX QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 Exhibition Information 2016 Yiwu Fair

Universal Powder Fastening Tools


  • Widely used for concrete, metal, brickwork and rocky structures
  • Fastening of doors and windows, interior finishing and electrical engineering

Technical Parameters:


  • Automatic ejection
  • Simple construction, ease of maintenance and disassembly

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Universal Powder Fastening Tool

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