Temporary qualifications of fire protection technical service agencies in provinces and cities

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December 29, 2016, Ministry of Public Security Fire Department issued public consumer [2014] No. 263 "on further strengthening the fire service technology qualification management work," according to the actual firefighting technology services and management of registered engineers Fire, Fire Department We decided that from January 1, 2017 continue to implement temporary qualification fire management technology services; until conditions are ripe, and then the full implementation of formal qualification management. All localities can exchange their temporary qualification certificates or extend the validity period according to actual local conditions.

Temporary qualification extension date

Fire technology service agency is not mature

According to the China Fire Protection Association statistics by the end of 2015, made the fire service agencies qualified technical temporary 3759 (provisional detect a maintenance 1179, temporary secondary detection maintenance 1076, the temporary three-dimensional detection Paul 1160, an interim assessment : 50 , temporary second-level 294 ). At present, internal quality management and fire supervision and management are incomplete, and many provinces have not yet established and improved fire-fighting technology service information management systems (there are quite a few good provinces, such as Zhejiang Province), and do not have full implementation of formal qualifications.

The number of registered fire engineers is too small to meet market demand

As of the end of 2015 , the number of firefighting engineers required to register for firefighting service agencies reached 22,538 . In addition to the new firefighting service agencies in 2016 , it is difficult for registered fire engineers to meet the qualification requirements. Up to now, there are 3,313 people (certificate: 147 people, passed in 2015 : 3,166 people) holding a registered fire engineer certificate in the country. The main reason for the low number of holders is that the examination is difficult, and the Ministry of Public Security strictly checks and does not expire the qualifications. Problems and release water.

For the firefighting technology service agencies, it is harder for them to collect certificates and it is even harder for people to verify one. The biggest problem with qualification delays is that registered fire engineers have been unable to meet the basic needs of the market. The demand for registered fire engineers will usher in a boom in the next three years.

New "Fire Protection Law" and "Administrative Regulations for Registered Fire Fighting Engineers" have not been implemented

In 2016 , the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued the drafts of the “Fire Protection Law” and the “Regulations for the Registration of Fire Engineers”, respectively. Until now, the official documents have not yet been implemented in the approval stage. The registration and practice requirements for registered fire engineers are still implemented by the provinces under the original Provisional Regulations.

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