After 90s CAD software tester grows "secret"

She barely caught up with the 90s, 90 prelude with a bit of 80 after the impulse; neither Lolita, not the Royal Sister, the IT coolness is obviously with a woman's heart. She is a typical foodie, curiosity is always faster than her footsteps, she is Zhongyu CAD software test engineer Xiao Yu. The temperament of Scorpio not reaching the goal makes this Gu Liang become the Terminator, and every BUG will die.
A box of milk and two buns are the best gift of life and the source of energy for a busy day.
The first thing the tester went to the office every day was fixed: the results of the automated test tool that was run on the computer last night were sent to the designated place. The data was handled by a dedicated colleague, and the BUG will be promptly feedback. Follow up with developers. The tedious and boring test work requires a lot of brain cells, so it is an eternal creed to eat the energy and then work.
BUG annihilation without applause
Entering the intense testing stage before the release of Zhongwang CAD+2015 Beta, our work is also focused on the “regression test” and the test of the installation package to ensure that every bug or potential bug is cleaned up. The so-called regression test is to test the BUG that was previously found and solved on the current version to see if the BUG is reproduced. The perfect optimization of each software product is the process of finding the BUG and repairing the BUG. It can't be done overnight, just as I can't just feel the fullness by eating the second buns.
View the work record and determine the work content of the day: the BUG to be returned must be fully verified, and at least half of the CAD+2015 version of the “command coverage” test is completed. The "command coverage" test, the popular point is to pass all the commands all over again. In the huge CAD platform order, although this method is undoubtedly a "hay needle in a haystack", but it can best guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the version, and then it is necessary to do it. (Using Zhongwang CAD+'s siege lions, you can't forget the quiet efforts of our cool guys when drawing.~-~)
Super serious Tianzhu Guliang spent nearly two hours to complete the "regression test": no BUG found in the regression failure. Other colleagues also reported that all the BUGs passed back. “Returning through” means that the version is stable and there are no repeated bugs. This is the best reward for the hard work of all of our participating test colleagues. If I am alone, I am sure that I will be happy. But at the moment, the office only has the sound of a keyboard and a mouse, no cheers, no flowers, and no one volunteers to eat. “A little joy doesn’t mean you can relax, and the task is very heavy.”
Most "loss" eye test
Typically, the installation package is tested before each release. In fact, every time you test a multi-language version, everyone is nervous, not only because the testers need to complete heavy testing in a short period of time (sometimes because of the nervousness of the colleagues, they will be assigned to two multi-language versions), Because of a responsibility. In our eyes, any simple interface display problem can cause problems for users and have a fatal impact on product image. In this regard, we dare not neglect.
Testers can't read all the foreign languages, and can only judge whether they are garbled or rely on accumulated experience. We use certain operations on the respective multi-language versions assigned to check whether the corresponding prompts in the CD+2015 platform pop up are consistent with the contents of the form provided by the productization department. This kind of testing work seems to be simple, but the test is careful and patience, you need a one-letter comparison, you must not have the slightest sway. You know, some foreign languages ​​look very similar, not as good as Chinese and English. After a long test, the eyes are particularly prone to fatigue, but you should never underestimate the perseverance and determination of a scorpio! !
In the test work, in order to simulate the user's use environment, some network service suite tests are avoided in the virtual machine, but borrow the other computer to access the server. This more realistic use environment exposes as much of the software as possible and adds a significant amount of test effort. We sometimes complain, but we do it as always.
As a tester of Zhongwang CAD software products, we know that a small BUG, ​​a wrong command, may cause great trouble to the designer, and even make the wisdom and pains of the entire design team pay for it. flow. We also firmly believe that only by completing each test in a solid manner can we ensure that the released version is of high quality, which really helps solve CAD usage problems, improve work efficiency, and enable each user to focus more on design than on other...
Running automation on a computer means that one day's work is coming to an end. After rushing to the cold and lying in bed to watch an episode of the updated American drama is a kind of unspeakable enjoyment, but also necessary rest and adjustment after the full work.
Behind every stable version, there is a group of IT mushroom who are willing to be mediocre. Tomorrow, after 90, the IT mushroom will be resurrected with blood, and continue to work hard to realize the "big dream."

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