Sanitary company competition and after-sales service become the key

The home industry has evolved from last year's competition to this year's national price war, which is accelerating the reshuffle of this industry. The development of sanitary ware enterprises to today and from the development of brands entering this industry is by no means a simple competition for brands, funds and products. As the industry competition becomes more and more fierce, how will the core competitiveness of sanitary ware enterprises be carried out in the future home market?

Profit model competition

In the past few years, the development of the home furnishing industry basically relied on the individualized liberalization of agents in the local area. The marketing plan of the brand manufacturers to the terminal is not rigorous and the support is not strong. As the brand competition becomes increasingly fierce, the profit model of the brand becomes more and more important. It is basically impossible for the sanitary ware company to rely solely on the dealers to achieve a sales growth of three to four million. The profit model is mainly reflected in the planning of brand marketing, cost accounting, cost control and service.

Competition of talents in the market

The development history of the sanitary industry is very short, but the number of brands entering this industry has increased dramatically. Leading to a shortage of talents in the industry, the mutual digging of walls between various sanitary ware brands has led to a significant impact on the development of the brand. Talent competition is not only a problem faced by manufacturers. The problem faced by terminal agents will be more severe. The development of many brands in a market is sometimes caused by the loss of a core personnel, which causes the sanitary ware brand to be in the local home market. The day of the beginning.

Competition in the channel resources of the sanitary industry

The development of the sanitary ware industry has become more and more demanding on the terminals of today's brands. It is not surprising that the storefront has been squared from the original one hundred squares to today's hundreds of squares or even thousands of squares. It can be seen that the requirements for dealers' strengths are increasingly visible. The higher, especially in the first-line market, a first-line brand store is generally around 10, each store's investment is calculated at 500,000, which is 5 million plus liquidity and advertising costs are almost at least 10 million to start. .


Competition in bathroom enterprise training system

Training is absolutely at the core of the competition in today's industry. The recruited employees and the employees who are sent to the factory in the terminal store will test the core competitiveness of brand training from an undisputed furniture industry to an absolute loyal employee who will become a brand. Most of the brands in the terminal are only focused on sales training. They are not very concerned about design, installation and service training. As the bathroom industry, customers can only rely on imagination to install their products before they can intuitively feel their products. All bosses in the industry must remember that the difference in installation is the beginning of your sales rather than the end of sales.

After-sales service is key

Doing a good customer service is the slogan that every brand is constantly screaming every day. The customer is God, the customer raises my whole family, and it seems that the customer is the absolute first. Sad, worrying, what is the service has not yet figured out how to do a good job? There is no system and system to do the customer's maintenance of all the slogans that are pale and powerless. Service in the bathroom industry is to think of the customer's thinking, the urgency of the customer, the drawback of furniture is that the long period of time to do this industry's service only "speed", in the shortest possible time to deal with customer problems.

Bathroom competition

Editor in charge: Ningbo GO Jiaju

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