The difference and common point between waterproof paint and fire retardant paint

In order to make everyone understand the difference between fire-retardant paint and fire-retardant paint more clearly, the following are compared from the following four aspects: concept, fire protection mechanism, classification and use:

The difference between fire-retardant paint and fire-retardant paint

1. Fire-retardant paint: Fire-retardant paint is a flame-retardant paint made of various materials such as film formers, flame retardants, and foaming agents.

2. Fire-retardant coating: Fire-retardant coating is used for the surface of flammable materials, which can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material, and can prevent the rapid spread of fire. It is a kind of special coating to improve the fire-resistant limit of coated materials. The fire retardant coating is applied on the surface of the substrate and has the functions of flame retardant, anti-rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, toughness, coloring, adhesion, easy drying, and certain gloss. performance. This shows that the concept of the two is completely different.

The difference between fireproof paint and fireproof coating Second, classification

Fire-retardant paint can be divided into three categories: decorative fireproof paint, wood fireproof paint, steel structure fireproof paint; fire-retardant paint can be divided into fire-retardant coatings, fire-retardant coatings for cables, fire-retardant coatings for steel structures according to different purposes and objects of use. Prestressed concrete floor fire retardant coatings, etc. From this we can see that there are similarities in classification and differences, and the classification of fire-retardant coatings is more comprehensive.

The same point of fireproof paint and fireproof coating First, fire prevention mechanism

The fire-prevention mechanism of fire-retardant paint and fire-retardant paint is basically the same and can be roughly classified into the following five points:

1. Fire-retardant paint and fire-retardant paint are flame-retardant or non-flammable, so that the substrate to be protected is not in direct contact with air, delaying the ignition of objects and reducing the burning rate;

2. In addition to flame retardant or non-flammable, fire retardant paint and fire retardant paint have low thermal conductivity, which can delay the transfer of flame temperature to the protected substrate.

3. Fire-proof paint and fire-proof paint are decomposed by heat to generate inert gas, dilute the flammable gas that is heated and decomposed by the protected object, making it difficult to burn or slow down the burning speed;

4, nitrogen containing fireproof paint and fire retardant coating decomposition of NO, NH3 and other groups, combined with organic free radicals, interrupt the chain reaction, reduce the temperature;

5. Intumescent fire-retardant paints and fire-retardant paints are thermally expanded and foamed to form a carbon-foam insulation layer to close the protected objects, delay the transfer of heat and the substrate, and prevent objects from catching fire or decreasing in strength due to temperature rise.

The same point of fire paint and fire retardant coating Second, use

Fire-retardant paint is widely used in fire-retardant treatment of electric wires, cables in electric power plants, industrial and mining, telecommunications, and civil buildings; it can also be used for the fire protection of objects such as wood structures, metal structures, and flammable substrates of underground structures. The use of fire-retardant coatings is also basically the same, both of which are almost the same in terms of use or application.

Although paints and coatings have been a thing in the hearts of consumers since ancient times, fireproof paints and fireproof paints are not exactly the same concept. Based on the above, it can be judged that although there is a difference between the fireproof paint and the fireproof paint, there are many common points between the two, and even more than the difference. Therefore, when choosing fireproof paint and fireproof paint, be sure to distinguish clearly.

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