Copper rosin acid use method and detailed explanation

According to the pesticide network , copper rosinate is a broad-spectrum, protective organic copper fungicide, which mainly inhibits the synthesis of fungal and bacterial proteins. Copper rosinate has good efficacy, can be used to control common plant diseases caused by various fungi and bacteria, has obvious stimulating effect on vegetables, can be alternated with other fungicides, has good spraying effect, and has fungal and bacterial diseases. It has a good preventive and therapeutic effect, has a long-lasting effect, and is easy to use. It overcomes many shortcomings of the original Bordeaux mixture and is an ideal fungicide for replacing Bordeaux mixture. Currently, copper rosinate is mainly used in cash crops and fruit trees. In the southern citrus area, it mainly controls ulcer disease, scab, anthracnose and other diseases, and has an outstanding effect on ulcer disease on tomatoes.
For the use of copper rosinate, it can be mixed with a variety of insecticides , pesticide fungicides, regulators, and can synergistically. The most important thing is that the drug will not be resistant to continuous use. It should be noted that copper rosinate cannot be mixed with strong acid, alkaline pesticide and chemical fertilizer; it should be used with caution for copper ion sensitive crops. And if the application of pesticide in the early stage of cucumber downy mildew, pay attention to spray evenly, depending on the disease, spray once every 7-10 days, even spray 2-3 times; there is no need to apply this medicine before or after windy days or rainfall.
The above is the efficacy and use of copper rosinate. In addition, pesticide manufacturers remind everyone that the safe interval between the use of copper rosinate is 7-10 days, otherwise it will cause phytotoxicity.

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