What are those nice, expensive, but not practical designs for your home?

This lattice wall is to open the rhythm of Chinese medicine shop ah!

TOP1: Low Cost Header

The most spurned by pretend friends is "low-cost hedge." The so-called “low-cost hedge” means that some items were deliberately missed in the previous period to make a low offer, allowing consumers to sign contracts first and add items later. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Jiangning, renovated a new house of 80 square meters last year. In order to save construction budget, she finally chose a decoration company with an ultra-low price of 23,000 yuan. However, after the start of construction, the decoration company did not add money. Ms. Zhang discovered that the reason for the initial quotation was such that the project was missed, but it was too late to change the home improvement company.

However, after the introduction of the new "home industry business service standards", this method of doing side-by-side work has become impracticable. The new regulations stipulate that the actual cost of home improvement construction must not exceed 8% of the pre-agreed engineering contract quotation, which exceeds It is borne by the company (except for the customer's initiative). After the introduction of this new regulation, it is hoped that the “low-cost hedge” can completely get out of the home improvement industry.

User summary: decoration, big companies want money, small companies must "live"!

TOP2: The face of Party B

The home is being decorated Xiao Li could not help but Tucao reporter: Enough to face the designer. Originally, Xiao Li’s choice was a half-package meal. At the beginning, the designer actively took her to buy the main material. Due to the high price and inappropriate style, Xiaoli did not choose the brand recommended by the designer. Under the anger of the designer, a “hand shaker” was used. During the renovation process, Xiao Li wanted to find a place where the designers knew clearly or needed to be coordinated by the designers. The designers either said they were not available or they didn't even answer the phone. Occasionally, they came to the scene and their faces were hard to see. Xiao Li Can only endure with care.

Say "A party abuses me thousands of times, and I will wait for first love from party A". The owner of Party A in the decoration contract may not enjoy this treatment. Before signing the contract, the decoration company regarded the consumers as God, what consumers said, and how the decoration company would do it. After the contract can be signed, the decoration company will change his face, as long as the consumer has any opinions on the decoration, if you do not save money, the decoration company will not bother. This change of face faster than the change of behavior, was the netizen criticized.

User summary: Every decoration owner is a winged angel in his previous life. This life is tortured by decoration.

TOP3: Open kitchen

"Wow! Really stylish, open kitchen!" After the renovation, every guest who comes to Miss Ni's home will have such sentiment. In order to pursue the trendy decoration style, Miss Ni's kitchen and balcony are all open design. However, after the renovation was completed, Ms. Ni felt that it was a kind of “unforgivable bitterness”: the open kitchen made the fume full of house floats every time when cooking, leaving no place to hide; the open balcony made winter sitting in the living room. When I was watching TV, I could feel the wind blew in through the windows, and it was chilly; the furniture in my home fell over a layer of ash in a few days. Ms. Ni recently planned to separate the open kitchen and balcony from sliding doors.

User summary: Open kitchen is a kind of breathing pain, soot floating in every corner of the home.

TOP4: plaid wall

"I want to leave home!" Ms. Wang, the young mother, just finished cleaning the lattice wall in her home and couldn't help sending a micro-blog to "fight her anger." It turned out that at the time when the new house was renovated, the designer had designed a wall on the living room into a lattice to increase the storage space. Ms. Wang was not right at the time, but her husband was very eager to feel that her small collection had a place to settle in. . Can really live in the Ms. Wang only to find that this is to find trouble for their own ah!

Every time the house is cleaned, this plaid wall is a "stricken area," and the corners are full of dust. It's particularly difficult to clean. It's so much trouble to put things out after placing them. After all the plaids are filled up, , I don't know that my home is open. The child is now more than five years old and I am afraid I may accidentally touch something in the grid and fall and bruise him.

User summary: This is to force his wife's rhythm! There are always some designs and people are tireless!

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