Ali wins two awards from PMI China Outstanding Project and Outstanding PMO Awards

Recently, Alibaba has won two awards at the PMI (China) 2017 Project Management Conference. The Ali Youku Fusion (Windling Volcano) Project Set promoted by the Taobao and Youku PMO team received the Outstanding Project Award from the Alibaba Infrastructure Business Group. The architecture and strategy team received the outstanding PMO award. PMI (China) Project Management Conference is an annual event of large-scale project management in the Asia-Pacific region. Nearly 2,000 project management professionals from across the country and dozens of political, business and academic elites gathered here to share experience in project management. Successfully Addressing Huge Challenges Alibaba sets an industry benchmark The Ali Youku Fusion (Windling Volcano) project collection that won the "Outstanding Project Award" is a large domestic Internet in the background of Alibaba's $5.6 billion acquisition of Youku Tudou at the end of 2015. Corporate mergers and acquisitions integration project set. Taobao PMO and technical product team went into Youku in just 6 months to complete the transformation, upgrading and integration of Youku’s overall technology system and business support system, not only reducing costs to 1/10, but also delivering efficiency. Doubled. More importantly, during the overall technological transformation, Youku's website and mobile applications are fully operational and can effectively guarantee the service quality of hundreds of millions of users. During the same period, Alibaba's Q4 financial report for fiscal year 2017 showed that the income of Alibaba's entertainment business represented by Youku was 3.927 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 234%. The difficulties and challenges that this project successfully tackled have a benchmarking role both in the history of China’s Internet and in the management of domestic and foreign projects and the integration of M&A business cases. Feng Yanshan fire project leader Zhou Yanting attended the award ceremony as a representative. Alibaba senior project management expert Zhou Youting (Famous Gu Xue), the leader of the Youku Fusion Project, said at the awards ceremony, "In the Ali Youku fusion project, we What is facing is not only the challenges of technology and business, but the greater difficulty is the integration of corporate culture and thinking models. The decisive factor in the success or failure of this is in the “human”. We only stand in the perspective of empathy and insist on “value-driven, "People-oriented, start from the heart", it is possible to find the engine to promote the project, then all the difficulties will be solved." Alibaba has been tested and backed by a mature management team at this conference, from the architecture and strategy of the Alibaba Infrastructure Business Group (EPMO ) The team also won the excellent PMO award issued by this conference. The Alibaba business ecosystem has complex scenes in the world, covering e-commerce, finance, cloud computing, and logistics. The infrastructure business group provides efficient and reliable infrastructure for these scenarios. The infrastructure and strategic team attached to the infrastructure business group is responsible for the core mission of strategic planning and strategic decomposition of business groups. Senior Project Management Specialist Su Shi represented the AIS-architecture and strategy team to accept the award. Since its establishment in 2012, the infrastructure business group PMO team has continued to complete the moon landing plan (group unified big data platform) and “double 11” flexibility. , Zhangbei data center construction, 25G network architecture, mixed fabric in off-line, first delivery of Alibaba Cloud proprietary cloud at home and abroad, merger and acquisition company infrastructure integration and other types of strategic key projects (set). At the same time, continuous self-breakthroughs and model innovations have been made to create a strategic EPMO (architecture and strategy) team driven by strategic vision and strategy implementation driven by mission vision, successfully supporting the business group's annual strategic plan (Big Dipper strategy) and successfully implementing strategic projects. Landing and continuous optimization have strongly promoted the rapid development of business groups and various businesses of the Group. During the conference, the project manager from Alibaba also shared a number of project management experiences under Alibaba's complex business scenario, including dual 11 large-scale project management and tool landing, exploration and practice of AIS strategic EPMO, and Youku team's agility. Demand analysis and project management have won the attention and praise of the audience and guests. A domestic Internet industry, Alibaba joins PMI Global Council On the eve of the conference, senior project experts from the Alibaba Infrastructure Business Unit Architecture and Strategy Team, Su Shi and Gao Guowei, are invited to participate in the PMI GLOBAL EXECUTIVE held in Singapore from September 17th to 20th. Council Meeting. In this meeting, the chief executive of the EPMO, Su Shi, shared the agile and innovative practices of Internet companies in the three-level dialogue session, especially how Alibaba can effectively implement project management innovation in a rapidly changing market environment. Strategic planning and implementation. The participating experts expressed great interest. The PMI chairman will further invite Alibaba to participate in more global exchange activities. On September 25th, in view of Alibaba’s outstanding contribution to the theory and practice of project management, Craig Killough, Global Vice President of PMI, Chen Yongtao, Managing Director of PMI (China), and representatives from PMI Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and other regions came Alibaba Brazil Creek Park conducted an exchange visit and formally invited Alibaba to join the PMI Global Council. As a result, Alibaba officially became a domestic Internet industry and a member of the 7th Council of Greater China. During the exchange, PMO representatives from Alibaba's New Retail Division, Ant Financial Services and Infrastructure Business Group participated in the exchange and introduced Alibaba's corporate culture and various project management methods. Zhou Ming, the Group Vice President and Head of the Infrastructure Business Group, represented Alibaba as receiving a photo of Mr. Craig, the vice president of PMI. As a global non-profit organization, PMI has a strong global influence and is a global project management special exchange. An important platform for learning. Alibaba is committed to building a globally competitive hardware and software infrastructure and ecosystem to respond to the rapid growth of business volume and rapid iteration of technology. These experiences will also be of great significance to the management team of the same Internet industry. Alibaba will also continue to explore more time-based project management experiences, formulate more comprehensive strategic transformation goals, and finally realize more products and projects that can be empowered. And the bigger team's firm goal.

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