What are the benefits of warming the floor?

When many owners in the north are renovated, they will design floor heating. If there is an error in the installation of floor heating, it will not only achieve the purpose of comfort heating, but it will also reduce the service life of floor heating, and even the consequences of corrosion leakage, planing maintenance, etc. will be very small. Loss. Next, we will introduce the warm-up installation steps and the benefits of warmth.

Warm installation steps

1, leveling the ground is the main conditions for the installation of floor heating, if the ground will affect the floor heating insulation, if there is something sharp, it will be cut to warm the floor, the ground leveling first level bump removal leveling to ± 10mm debris on the ground Such as clean-up to ensure that the ground level, wall, column feet and the ground at 90 degrees right angle.

2. Install the water collector horizontally at the designated position. The water separator is below the upper water collector with a distance of 200mm.

3. Lay the insulation layer on the screeding layer. The board seams should be firmly bonded with glue, and the insulation layer should be laid flat. The reflection film should be laid on the insulation board. It must be kept flat and wrinkle-free, and it must be tightly covered.

4. Laying coils must be laid strictly in accordance with the design. The spacing and design of the pipelines should be consistent. The pipelines close to the outer wall, outside windows, and floor picking areas should be encrypted and the pipes should be fixed with plastic staples. On the composite insulation board and reflective film.

5, to test and check whether the heating pipe laying to the ground for damage, whether the spacing of the pipe meet the design requirements, from the water injection valve into the water pressure test, adjust the test pressure, after the pressure is not leaking qualified.

6, in the laying of concrete, the doorway, aisles, floor drains and other locations must be well marked to prevent improper construction later in the construction of heating pipes.

What are the benefits of warmth?

1, can improve blood circulation, there is a clear effect on rheumatism, to warm not only can alleviate these problems, but also play a role in the health of the elderly, as the saying goes "foot warming not cold", this bottom-up The temperature is in accordance with some principles of Chinese medicine.

2, to warm the elderly can reduce the pressure on the cardiovascular.

3, floor heating is sent through the hot air heating, such hot air in the cold winter, the temperature will make the woman's skin become dry and rough, and will not warm, because it does not create "wind."

4, will not produce harmful bacteria, suitable for sensitive respiratory system, reducing the incidence of asthma.

5, warm to help keep your head awake, help improve memory and comprehension, thereby improving learning efficiency.

6. When there is no sound when working in the floor, it can ensure deep sleep and help maintain a strong working spirit.

7, warmth can give the child more warm and meticulous care, so that children can play on the ground as they like.

8, to warm people can stimulate people to increase the amount of exercise and help physical and mental health.

Editor's summary: What are the benefits of warming the floor and the warmth of the floor? I would like to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Warm installation

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