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NSK bearing 5 large smooth tips

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-06

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Proper selection of smoothing agent and reasonable smoothing method; proper control of the amount of smoothing agent is an important key to improve the life of imported bearings. Today, the essence of Qingdao Axis and us share the difference between SKF bearing grease or oil smooth. .
What is the basis for SKF bearing oil or grease?
First, SKF bearings smooth oil smooth:
Under certain operating standards; the use of smooth oil for starting torque and collision loss is significantly small.
Because the smooth oil takes away the heat in the circulation to cool the effect; the imported bearings reach a relatively high transformation speed.
The use of smooth oil ensures a high operating temperature.
The imported bearings in the gearbox are very suitable when smooth oil is smooth; due to the intention of the oil together to reach the smooth gear and the imported bearing in a splashing manner.
In the imported bearings, the smooth grease is gradually contaminated by the products worn by the product, the abrasive, the product soaked from the outside through the sealing equipment and the self-aging products; if not exchanged in time, the imported bearings are accelerated to wear; and when the liquid smoothing agent is used; Filter to make sure it works.
Second, SKF bearing grease is smooth:
SKF often needs to be used when the fuel is refueled; if it is replaced with grease, it will save energy and prevent the formation of trouble due to lack of oil.
The grease itself has a sealing effect; it can be agreed to use a tissue with a low degree of sealing to achieve the intention of simplifying the depiction.
Experience has shown that in the range of certain speed (n < 20000r / min or dn < 20000mm.r / min) with lithium grease smoother than the drop method has a lower temperature rise and longer bearing life.
The basic characteristics of smooth grease and the usual standard for the selection of smooth fats are when selecting smooth greases; it is necessary to select smooth greases that are compatible with the application conditions (temperature, speed, load and environment); the fundamental properties of this smooth grease are related; The essential properties of smooth fat depend on the variety of thickeners and base oils.
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