Juniors invented safety valve control device won national patent

"Tianliang closed the doors and windows in Guangzhou three days and three gas poisoning caused five deaths", "Beijing has a carbon monoxide poisoning incident 9 people died", "Guangxi Liuzhou primary school gas poisoning incident more than 20 teachers and students to send medicine" ... face This series of shocking gas poisoning incidents, Liu Hucheng, a junior in environmental engineering at Wuchang Institute of Technology, has developed a “safety valve control device” for nearly a year, which effectively solves the problem of gas leakage and has recently gained national practicality. New invention patent.

As an indispensable fuel, gas and natural gas have been widely used in thousands of households. While providing convenience, they also bring great safety hazards, especially when the tank or pipeline valve is forgotten to close, it is easy to cause gas leakage and endanger personal safety. Liu Hucheng is a student of the 1101 class of environmental engineering at the School of Life Sciences of Wuchang Institute of Technology. He said that he had seen many tragedies caused by gas leaks and felt very sad. He then sprouted the idea of ​​making a new type of safety valve control device. .

Do it, do it in the second semester, Liu Hucheng began to check the information on the Internet and the library, find the right materials, and think about how to solve the valve problem. Under the guidance of the teacher, he used the drawing software to improve the new control valve step by step. Device. After nearly a year of thinking and research, he invented the "safety valve control device" and finally obtained the national utility model patent certificate.

It is understood that this "safety valve control device" includes a pressure sensor, an intake pipe, an air outlet pipe and a control device. The baroreceptor is installed in the pressure sensing area of ​​the kitchen, and the intake pipe and the outlet pipe are connected to the control device. An operation panel and a warning light are connected to the control device, and a control chip and an electric control valve are installed in the control device. The safety valve control device mainly uses the pressure sensing method to control the valve, effectively preventing gas leakage and the like due to forgetting to close the valve.

"The new control device I invented uses pressure sensing to control the valve. It is safe and practical. When I got this certificate, I felt it was worth it, and the payment finally paid off." Liu Hucheng said, "I hope You can get in touch with the manufacturer as soon as possible, put your invention into production, and bring convenience to more people."\

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