Thickness Control of Magnesia Brick Processing

Screw press processing size online monitoring system has the following functions and features: It can display the thickness dimension of the current processed product, automatically detect the waste, and notify the operator through the sound and light alarm; It can memorize the thickness dimension of each brick processing, and You can call up and view at any time, can automatically record the amount of waste on duty, as a standard for assessing workers' business capabilities.

This press can print the required processing parameters and dimensions of each product's wear-resistant hammer data for analysis and inspection by technicians. The system uses an eddy current sensor to convert non-electrical signals into electrical signals with a compact size and response speed. Fast, real-time online detection and display features.

The system is applied to the on-line monitoring of the non-metallic product-magnesium brick processing size, and the size monitoring of the magnesium brick is a non-contact continuous non-destructive monitoring; it can adapt to the harsh working environment of the screw press and work stably and reliably.

For a hot ceramic company pressure processing product size monitoring system of a model JB53-630, nominal pressure of 6300KN screw press, monitor the design of the size of 70mm thick magnesium brick. The results show that the monitoring system's monitoring accuracy of the thickness of the magnesium brick is within ±0.5mm, which fully meets the actual production requirements, and the system also has the function of oversize alarm.

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