Chinese ceiling decoration materials which Chinese ceiling decoration considerations

In order to have a beautiful top view, for most of the rooms, the function of the ceiling should not be underestimated. In fact, it can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a variety of indoor space art image, especially the Chinese ceiling, often Used to embellish space, increase the sense of hierarchy, coupled with some of the classical combination of modern techniques of expression, let us experience one can feel the simplicity of ancient Chinese charm, the following Xiaobian will give you a description of the Chinese ceiling decoration materials which are, right? You provide some help.

What are Chinese ceiling decoration materials?

1, living room ceiling material

If we only do partial ceilings, we often use a style with a certain height difference, plus the lighting to increase the overall sense of space, of course, if you are prepared to do a global ceiling, we recommend the use of light steel keel plasterboard, not only The shape is changeable, and the price/performance ratio is also relatively high. In addition, for large living rooms, the use of Cyclobalanopsis glauca is better, while in the small living room, plasterboard or wood dragons are recommended.

2, kitchen and Chinese ceiling materials

For this area, due to the relatively gloomy area, the materials used are different from those of other households. The selection of ceilings for kitchens and kitchens needs to take into account the following key points: flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, and oil resistance Easy to handle, waterproof and moisture resistant, in general, the material that meets these conditions is aluminum buckle plate, waterproof plasterboard, PVC plate, etc., so you may consider these several materials in the selection.

3, balcony Chinese ceiling material

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of expressions in this type of area, one of which is a closed type. At this time, the material at the ceiling can be made of light steel keel gypsum board or plastic steel plate. The second type is open type. The most suitable material at this time is Sauna board ceiling, its ability to adapt to the environment is very strong, but also moisture-proof high temperature.

Chinese ceiling decoration considerations

1, the ceiling hidden light band to make up for lack of sunlight

If the lighting in the house is not so good, then it must be compensated with a lamp during the dress. For example, a fluorescent lamp hidden in the wooden trough around the ceiling can be used to make up for it. The light is reflected from the ceiling and is not dazzling. The light emitted is the closest to the sun, and is most suitable for a living room where there is insufficient lighting.

2, Chinese style living room ceiling should not design mirror

Some homeowners think that the placement of suspended ceilings will create a sense of urgency to a certain extent. Therefore, it is expected that mirrors will be used to achieve the effect of extending the line of sight and alleviate the depression caused by the ceilings being too low. From the viewpoint of traditional culture theory, the design of mirrors on ceilings will cause problems. Influence, because the reflection of the scene in the mirror will be consistent with the floor, a symbol of "the world does not open" the situation, contrary to the laws of nature, will make the fortune stagnate.

Summary: The above is the article on Chinese ceiling decoration materials which are introduced, I believe that most readers for the Chinese ceiling decoration materials which have a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small series .

Chinese ceiling

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