Preparation for hydraulic system installation and commissioning

Preparation for hydraulic system installation and commissioning
1. Technical preparation before installation of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system schematics, electrical schematics, piping layout drawings, hydraulic components, accessories, pipe fittings lists and related component samples, etc., should be prepared so that engineers and technicians can familiarize themselves with the specific content and technical requirements.

2. Material preparation

Check the number of hydraulic components according to the hydraulic system diagram and the hydraulic parts list to confirm the quality of all hydraulic components. Strictly check the quality of the pressure gauge, check the date of the pressure gauge inspection, and re-calibrate the pressure gauge with too long inspection time to ensure accuracy.

3, quality inspection

Hydraulic components are highly susceptible to contamination and rust during transportation or inventory. Excessive inventory time can cause seals in hydraulic components to age and lose their seal. Some hydraulic components are not available due to poor processing and assembly quality, so they must be The components are subjected to strict quality inspections.

1 hydraulic component quality inspection

a, all types of hydraulic components must be consistent with the component list

b. To find out whether the storage time of the hydraulic components is too long, or the storage environment is not suitable, pay attention to the aging degree of the internal seals of the hydraulic components, and if necessary, remove, wash, replace, and perform performance tests.

c. The adjusting screw, adjusting hand wheel and lock nut on each hydraulic component must be intact.

d. The surface quality of the seal attached to the hydraulic component should meet the requirements, otherwise it should be replaced.

e. The connection plane of the plate connection component is not allowed to be defective. The groove size of the mounting seal is machined to the relevant standard.

f. The connection thread of the tubular connecting element is not allowed to be damaged or buckled.

g. The connection plane of the plate valve mounting base plate is not allowed to have unevenness, and the connecting thread is not allowed to be damaged or buckled.

h. Remove the oil port and check if the inside of the component is clean.

i. Check the quality of the electromagnet core and the appearance of the solenoid valve. If there is any abnormality, it is not allowed to use.

j. The accessories on each hydraulic component must be complete.

2 hydraulic accessories quality inspection

a. The fuel tank must meet the specified quality requirements. The accessories on the fuel tank must be complete. There is no rust inside the box, and the inside of the tank must be cleaned before loading.

b. The model specifications and design requirements of the oil filter must be the same. Confirm the accuracy grade of the filter element. The filter element must not be defective. The connection screw must not be damaged. The accessories must be complete.

c. The appearance quality of various seals should meet the requirements, and the storage period of the seals to be sealed should be ascertained. Seals that are abnormal or have a long shelf life are not allowed to be used.

d. The quality of the accumulator should meet the requirements, and the accessories must be complete. Check the storage period, strictly check the quality of the accumulators that have been stored too long, and the accumulators that do not meet the technical specifications and usage requirements are not allowed to use.

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