Remedial measures after corn rainstorm

After the rainstorm, the Tiantougou, the furrow and the lumbar sulcus should be dredged, and the water in the field should be removed in time to reduce the soil moisture and achieve the purpose of arranging and reducing energy. When the ground is white, it is necessary to cultivate the loose soil in time, break the soil compaction, promote the soil to dilate and breathe, improve the rhizosphere environment and promote root growth. In time, the seedling fertilizer will be applied, and 20 kg of urea will be applied per mu per year. For the fields with long flooding time and serious waterlogging, the new high-fat membrane + high-efficiency foliar fertilizer will be sprayed at the same time as fertilization to promote the recovery.

It is also a high incidence of various pests and diseases. When spraying foliar fertilizer, new high-fat film + fungicide insecticide can be sprayed at the same time to prevent pests and diseases.

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