Why should we promote distributed photovoltaic power plants?

After the “13th Five-Year Plan”, photovoltaic power generation is strongly supported, among which distributed household photovoltaic power generation is the dominant factor. Then why should we promote distributed photovoltaic power generation? What benefits can it bring? The following is the new energy source by Guruwatt One by one!
After the “13th Five-Year Plan”, photovoltaic power generation is strongly supported, among which distributed household photovoltaic power generation is the dominant factor. Then why should we promote distributed photovoltaic power generation? What benefits can it bring? The following is the new energy source by Guruwatt One by one!

First, the transformation of energy structure

Due to the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy for many years, resulting in a series of difficulties such as resource shortage, environmental pollution and climate change, the importance of energy structure reform has become increasingly prominent!

The eyes of the world have gradually turned to the bounty of nature, "green energy", such as solar, wind, water and Other clean renewable energy. With the goal of “clean energy as the mainstay and fossil energy as the supplement”, the country is vigorously supporting and developing, and it is being realized step by step. However, green energy such as wind energy and water energy are more suitable for urban development because of higher requirements for site conditions and natural conditions. It only takes the roof and the sun to generate electricity, which is definitely the best choice for a home power station!

Second, save money and make more money

Is there anything good in the world that is both good and bad? Home distributed PV is!

First of all, start from the perspective of saving money. Computers, water heaters, air conditioners, range hoods, LCD TVs... This is the standard for ordinary household appliances. Naturally, it is inevitable that electricity consumption will be large. After installing the photovoltaic power station, the household electricity is taken from solar energy, which greatly reduces the electricity bill.

Secondly, how can we make money? It will benefit from the considerable subsidies that the state strongly supports. At present, household distributed photovoltaics generally adopt the mode of “spontaneous use, surplus power online”. For a subsidy of 20 years, the state subsidies 0.42 yuan / kWh. Coupled with the local subsidy policy, the rate of return reaches about 15%, the benefits are indeed considerable! The monthly or quarterly electricity fee income and subsidies that the people care about will be paid through the grid company dai, directly into the owner's yinghangka, very provincial Reliable!

In addition, home distributed PV has an additional invincible skill - cooling and heat insulation. Because the heat absorption properties of the solar panel itself ensure that the roof itself is not exposed to the sun, the house maintains a relatively cool thermostat and achieves a real power saving effect. Therefore, in the summer of 35 degrees high temperature, with distributed photovoltaic insulation, the indoor temperature instantly dropped to 30 degrees. Save the air-conditioning costs of large power consumers, and the monthly bills are quite impressive.

Third, change environmental pollution

With the advent of extreme weather in recent years, the ravages of squalor and sandstorms have raged. Environmental issues have increasingly become a problem we cannot ignore! Coal power has been a major force in energy for many years, and it has brought a lot of damage to our environment. A good industrial economy will surely form a broad and in-depth cluster effect. For example, fat papers all over the world are losing weight, so the industrial economy such as gymnasium, vegetable salad, and low-fat milk will be particularly prosperous.

The same is true for photovoltaics. It has changed the long-term energy structure of human beings, cut off the dominance of coal-fired power, and achieved a clean emission standard with zero emissions, so that the entire earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. How can such a full energy resource not be pursued and utilized?

Fourth, the standard of the roof

In the past, in the design of home buildings, people often pursue European styles with exquisite construction and complex shapes. In the decoration, they always pursue luxury and retro style. But as the style of minimalist and glazed windows has become more sought after, new home building design standards have begun to emerge, such as the innovative solar power system on the roof.

In foreign countries, buildings are basically single-family houses. The surrounding areas are relatively empty and there is no covering. Therefore, the roof area of ​​the building is used to the maximum extent. After the amount of kao in environmental protection and energy saving, people gradually reform the roof design. The sloping roof or flat roof of the area began to completely replace the European-style multi-roofed roofs, which provided the most basic space for the installation of solar power systems.

This fashion decoration has also blown to the other side of the ocean in China, and more and more families have chosen solar power systems as the standard for the roof. The distributed photovoltaic roof not only promotes the green concept of the owner of the house, but also highlights the owner's fashion taste.

V. New investment means lower cost and lower risk

If the large-scale investment in the early stage is the last stumbling block to the spread of distributed PV in the home, then the PV financing lease is the pioneer to clear the last obstacle.

The above is the reason why distributed is promoted vigorously. It can protect the environment and save money, and it can also be used for its own use. These five reasons will be the root cause of distributed photovoltaic power generation!

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