Toilets and squatting toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages

Regarding the design of home bathroom decoration, do you understand and understand the basic common sense? According to the survey and analysis results, the owners often have such a question. Which bathroom is the toilet and the toilet? Although it is good, some are good. People like pissing, some people like toilets, today Xiaobian introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the squatting pan and toilet.

First, the toilet

Advantages: noble, generous, luxurious, atmospheric, stylish! Sitting on the toilet is very easy, there is a sense of accomplishment! You can also sit on the top and then go online or play mobile phone to read books. It’s really a work, life and entertainment. Even if it is constipation, you won't feel your legs hurt. Especially suitable for families with elderly and pregnant women. It is a must-have for home travel. There is also a toilet bowl is the first choice when the bathroom floor can not be raised. (Even if it is helpless) Moreover, I personally think that if the bathroom with a toilet and a bathtub is more beautiful and comfortable.

Disadvantages: Only suitable for bathrooms with large or large spaces. Another is the personal habits and health issues of the Chinese or some people.

Second, the squatting device

Advantages: economic, exquisite, delicate, practical, space-saving, giving people a down-to-earth feeling. It is especially suitable for room types that are not well laid out due to the small bathroom space. Especially when the toilet is small enough to affect the opening of the door, installing a squatting pan has become the first choice for many people. Sometimes I will not hesitate to raise the ground.

Disadvantages: Sometimes, because the bathroom is small, in general, the shower and the squatting pot are also close together. This is because when you take a shower, you sometimes close your eyes, and because of the role of shampoo or shower shampoo. I didn't pay attention, and my soles slipped. It is easy to slide into the abyss of the squatting pan. Especially children and women. Such an example should be uncommon in the newspaper.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the squatting pan and the toilet:

(1) Which of the urinals and toilets is good - the advantages of the toilet:

1. It is more labor-saving to use the toilet to go to the toilet. The weight-bearing capacity of the legs is not large, and the weight is transferred to the toilet. It is very convenient for the elderly and the weak.

2. The shape of the toilet is stylish and beautiful, and can be matched with a variety of styles, suitable for young people who love beauty.

(2) Which of the urinals and toilets is good? The disadvantages of the toilet:

1. The biggest drawback of the toilet is that it is unsanitary, especially in public places where the toilet is used to make people feel guilty. It is easy to attach bacteria, parasites, etc. to the toilet, which is easy to cause cross infection. In addition, if you use a toilet at home, it is easy for boys to urinate the urine on the toilet seat, which is not clean.

2. Although the toilet can make the posture of the toilet very comfortable, it can “grievance” our bowel movements, which is easy to cause poor bowel movements.

3. The price level of toilets is not uniform. Some toilets cost as much as 10,000 yuan, which is many times that of squatting. In addition, the toilet is more likely to be blocked, leaked, or damaged than the squatting pan.

4. Due to the difficulty of using the toilet to go to the toilet, many people will prolong the toilet time and are prone to hemorrhoids.

(3) Which is better to install the squatting pan and the toilet - the advantages of the squatting pan:

1. Due to the use of the squatting pan to rest in the toilet, it is very difficult for us to maintain the squatting posture for a long time, especially for the elderly and obese people, so this will help reduce the stool time and complete the stool as soon as possible. Helps reduce the incidence of acne.

2. According to scientific research, the squatting posture is more conducive to defecation than the sitting posture, which makes the bowel movement smoother, especially constipation. The use of the toilet is not easy to defecate, which may make constipation more serious.

3. When using the squatting pan, we do not directly contact it, which can reduce the chance of being infected and be safer and healthier.

(4) Which of the squatting pans and toilets is good - the disadvantages of the squatting pan:

1. For elderly people who are inconvenient, obese, and pregnant women, it is very difficult to go to the toilet. Suddenly after squatting, it will be dizzy and an accident may occur.

2. If you use excessive force, you may cause anal fissure and rectal prolapse.

In the end, the squatting pan and the toilet are good. This can be determined according to the actual situation of different owners. Xiao Bian introduces the advantages and disadvantages of both. You should be able to measure which one is more suitable for your own home.

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