How to choose basin water?

How to choose basin water?

Introduction: Washbasins are a must-have item for our lives. From the invention to the present, washbasin water has always been accompanied by the growth of the washbasin. Today we have come to understand the selection of the pot water below!

Basin water purchase Note 1:

From the invention to the present, wash basins have always been accompanied by the growth of the basin. The early basin water was a pull type, and later developed a type of flap and bouncing. Under normal circumstances, no matter what kind of basin water, long-term use without timely cleaning, then due to dirt adhesion deposition, will lead to decline in the mechanical performance of the basin of water, especially the old-fashioned pull-type basin into the water. Now choose the basin outlet to choose the kind that can take out the entire core, clean it and then put it back to the kind of, easy to clean.

The bouncing basin water looks very good-looking, but from time to time, you have to unscrew the bouncing basin water, then use a detergent to scrub the dirt on it, it is a little troublesome to use, and there is a water in the basin. Disadvantages: This type of ceramic basin special basin is very difficult to find the water, generally are the glass basin basin water, ceramic basin basin water is the following pipe with a drain port, and some suppliers hit a glass in the water outlet The hole, when the sink of the ceramic basin is sold. Such a modified glass basin drain outlet pipe mouth is a lot shorter, if the ceramic basin is relatively thick will lead to the following Luokou not buckle, it can only be screwed on a hexagonal buckle, but installed Afterwards, it is not easy to loosen, so it is best not to choose this kind of drain.

Basin water purchase Note 2:

Precautions for purchasing drains Wash basin basin basin drain pipe water is preferably a kind of metal pipe with a threaded pipe in the middle, nest a bend to insert, easy to install; and it is best not to buy threaded basin drain This kind of basin water is easy to hide dirty things; now on the market to sell a ready-made plastic basin with water back bend, although cheap, but the quality is very bad, easy to leak water seepage.

Basin water purchase Note 3:

The best use of the wash basin under the water pipe, according to Xiao Bian understand, currently, the bathroom market, the best kind of basin water pipe is a 32-tube combination with a deodorant box, this basin water is not only good quality, but also near and far The distance and height are particularly good to adjust, easy to install, especially in the dark and beautifully mounted, but the price of this basin is slightly more expensive, but it is very convenient when used, and also avoids the trouble of changing the basin water pipe frequently. It is very cost-effective to count.

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