The ecological board moisture content affects the degree of environmental protection of the board

The normal state of wood and solid wood furniture base will contain a certain amount of water. In China, the difference between the weight of the original wood and the weight of the dried wood and the weight ratio of the original wood is defined as the moisture content of the wood. As we all know, whether it is the original wood or finished plate, will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. The difference lies in the amount of formaldehyde and the amount of formaldehyde released.

For eco-board, external environmental factors greatly affect its environmental protection.

As eco-boards are used by more and more homes, the degree of environmental protection and the quality of the panels themselves are increasingly being concerned by consumers. Many businesses have also moved closer to the E0 level.

According to current knowledge, the sheet moisture content, external environmental humidity, temperature, etc., will affect the degree of environmental protection of the sheet.

According to test data, when the moisture content of artificial board gradually rises from 3% to 10%, the formaldehyde emission will increase significantly. Naturally, it means that the moisture content of the board within a certain range is greater, and the degree of environmental protection will be greatly increased. reduce.

So, the more dry the wood is, the better it should be? To what extent should it be dried? After a certain period of time, when the wood is placed in a certain environment, its moisture content tends to a balance value called the equilibrium moisture content of the environment—EMC. When the moisture content of the wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the wood will shrink moisture, and vice versa.

For example, the annual average moisture content in Guangzhou is 15.1%, and in Beijing it is 11.4%. Therefore, the wood with a moisture content of 11% is suitable for use in Beijing. For Guangzhou, it will absorb moisture and expand. It is appropriate to produce degraded wood and do not dry it more. Different regions have different requirements for wood moisture content.

Both the external factors and the eco-board material itself have a certain influence on the value of the test results.

When consumers purchase furniture, they must pay attention to whether the product meets the testing standards, whether there is a security label, etc., and the test report issued by the testing agency of the national authority shall prevail.

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