What are the interior decoration styles?

Renovating a house is a difficult thing for many people. If you want to have your own unique design and don't have much time to conceive it, now Xiaobian will tell you about the interior decoration style for your reference.


Interior decoration style - modern minimalist style

Modern style decoration consists of curved and asymmetrical lines, such as pedicels, flower buds, vines, insect wings and various beautiful, wavy body patterns in nature, reflecting the decoration of walls, railings, window sills and furniture. The lines are soft and elegant, some are strong and rhythmic, and the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the methodical and rhythmic curves. A large number of iron components are used, and new processes such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as wrought iron products and ceramic products are used in the interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication and try to introduce new ideas to the interior decoration art.

Interior decoration style - rustic style

Indulge in the afternoon flower shadow vines, European pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature, but different pastoral has different nature, and then derived a variety of furniture styles, Chinese, European, and even the pastoral style of South Asia, each There are various characteristics, each with its own beauty.

Interior decoration style - Chinese style

With the emergence of many modernist styles, the domestic retro style has emerged, which is the revival of Chinese decorative style. Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting, and Ming and Qing furniture constitute the most important elements of the Chinese design of the factory. However, these re-occupation of furniture prices are very expensive, becoming a major obstacle for fans.

Interior decoration style - European classical style

As a product of the European Renaissance, the classicist design style inherits the luxurious, dynamic and varied visual effects of the Baroque style. It also draws on the aesthetic and rhythmic details of the Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class. Especially in the classical style, the design philosophy of revealing noble and elegant soaking luxury is also a portrayal of these successful people enjoying happiness and ideal life.

Classical style emphasizes the independence of space in design, and the choice of wiring is much more complicated than neoclassical. The investment in material selection, construction and accessories is relatively high, mostly many times in other styles of the same grade, so the classical style is more suitable for use in larger villas and houses, and not suitable for smaller units.

Interior decoration style - Mediterranean style

Mediterranean civilization has been covered with a mysterious veil in the hearts of many people. Ancient and distant, quiet and deep. The ubiquitous romanticism and inclusive cultural taste, with its affable pastoral style, was quickly accepted by a large group of people outside the Mediterranean. For the modern urbanites who are used to the city for a long time, the Mediterranean style gives people the feeling of returning to the true nature, and at the same time reflects the requirements of higher quality of life.

Color selection is very important, the color is mostly blue, white tone of pure natural color, such as the color of minerals.

Interior decoration style - Southeast Asian style

In the interpretation of nature's fascinating Southeast Asian style, the materials used in the interior are mostly taken from nature. Due to the hot and humid climate, the plant resources are abundant; wood, rattan and bamboo are the first choice for interior decoration. Southeast Asian furniture is mostly locally sourced. American country style.

Interior decoration style - American country style

Highlights the comfort of life. It has a little bit of casualness in the classical, abandoning too much cumbersomeness and luxury, combining classical style with neoclassical features, both simple and warm, yet warm and comfortable.

Interior decoration style - Japanese style decoration

Enjoy the sake of sake and leisurely. The Japanese style is extremely simple. The furnishings are centered on the coffee table. The wooden members on the wall are made of square geometric shapes and the square lattice sliding doors and windows echo. The space is simple and elegant. Generally, there are not many complicated decorations, and more important functions are emphasized.

The above is the interior decoration style introduced by Xiaobian to everyone, I hope to provide some help for everyone's home decoration, more relevant information, please look forward to the follow-up report of GO Jiaju.com.

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