What are the main points of outdoor environmental lighting design?

What are the main points of outdoor environmental lighting design?
What are the main points of outdoor environmental lighting design?
First, the landscape and LED light source
Science needs to be analyzed and understood. Landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, and art requires deep intuition. The art of landscape lighting must pass through light and illumination to generate vitality.
Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting and color, constitute a dynamic and static light, sound, color landscape, but also show the landscaping, sculptural, fashion of the landscape garden lamps, to the natural environment.
As people's ideology and lifestyle change, the lamps, light sources, materials, styles and design methods have changed a lot. In selecting the appropriate light source, in addition to the economic factors, it is also considered from the overall light environment effect and the texture reliability of the material, and also pays attention to the uniformity of the natural environment and lighting. Landscape lighting uses LED light sources to get rid of the traditional one-way design.
Second, the light environment of LED
In order to improve visibility and enjoyment. LEDs have been increasingly used for signal and signage lighting, traffic lights on roads, induced lights in buildings and facade lighting for outlines, city squares, gardens, pedestrian street lighting, multi-colored lighting, It is produced by using ultra-high brightness LEDs. Its excellent energy-saving features and extremely long service life are favored by lighting designers and owners.
LED light source features:
1. Good uniformity of illumination, the emission angle is 100o, and the luminosity is 40~50Lm/W.
2. The average life of the light source is ≥100,000 hours, there is no serious light decay phenomenon, the luminous attenuation is ≤10%, and the energy consumption is ≤24W.
3, the wavelength of the light should be consistent, the light intensity of the light color RGB should be continuously variable
Red light: λ=630nm~650 nm
Yellow light: λ=585nm~593 nm
Green light: λ=525nm~528 ​​nm
Blue light: λ=467nm~473 nm
4, and can be programmed according to the overall requirements of the environment, resulting in the overall artistic landscape effect.
Third, the color
LED light-emitting diodes have a soft light color, and have strong artistic effects in squares and garden lighting. It not only provides comfortable visual conditions, but also needs to coordinate the various lighting colors to reflect the landscape lighting style and increase the artistic beauty. The space design is intended to create a spatial landscape that meets people's visual needs, aesthetic needs, and psychological needs.
Because of the visual perception of the color reflected by the night scene on the lighting of the garden, different colors, art appreciation and cultural level are displayed. Red is a warm color, reminiscent of the sun, red flag, fire, making people feel warm, warm, warm; yellow is warmer, giving a noble, bright, cheerful feeling; green is the main tone of the forest, full of vitality It reminds people of green mountains and green waters, bright spring and freshness, symbolizing youth, peace and health; blue is a kind of extremely calm color, forming an elegant and tranquil atmosphere, reminiscent of the blue ocean, blue Sky; white is a cool color, it often makes people think of ice and snow, think of the cold, giving people an elegant, pure, peaceful feeling.
Fourth, the following describes the LED lighting case analysis of domestic attractions:
1. Classical landscape type
The Wuming Ming and Qing style commercial pedestrian street uses the high-fire firecracker landscape sculpture lamp shape to highlight the unique charm of the old Ming and Qing dynasty old buildings “green brick small watta head wall, cloister hanging lattice window”, showing the epitome of Hui culture. It constitutes a red candle that shines on the theme of the people's music - "Happy." The red firecracker landscape lights adopt a direct communication method from the design concept. Red is a symbol of life and passion. The lamp type is juxtaposed with the sculpture art. Compared with the high contrast, the retina is stimulated, causing people to consume the modern commercial street. The taste allows the public to enter the so-called "art palace" and the LED lighting art to get in touch with each other, improve the consumption concept of commercial department store items, and add a lot of fun to the shopping crowd. The whole lighting design to the layout creates a simple, elegant and imposing environment and a feeling of transcending time and space. The night view of the light is like a red cultural belt running through the whole territory, forming a unique mountain and water. "The United States, the red light firecrackers hi home, the night market thousands of lights according to the source.
2, natural ecological type
Located in the first lighting culture square in Nanjing, Baijiao Chaofeng Square, in the style of design, the pursuit of a natural ecological warmth, with the theme of flying swallow, light and shadow, chic style, the pursuit of green forest, green space, green belt The natural ecological lighting environment, the sculpture pieces reflecting the cultural taste of the square; the sun island of Han, Ming and Qing - symbolizing traditional culture; the dragon and phoenix wall, the phoenix peony and the eagle - symbolizing soaring; the girl and the pigeon - symbolizing hope and peace; The landscape lamp is novel in style, cleverly conceived, and the lampshade is shaped like a swallow flying. Its light curve is lively and innocent and beautiful. The pursuit of the entire design is the pursuit of design language, depending on the feeling of space, light and color.
The pursuit of the natural environment space interface is a dynamic interspersed effect, so that the space formation can flow to each other, and the natural space character is more relaxed. The natural environment space is the fundamental foundation of outdoor design. Reasonable and good space form, naturally puts forward the subconscious requirements for the color of the space and the color arrangement of nature. What should be noticed is the color, which must be the color of the space, and the color that reflects the characteristics of the space. Only in this way can we complement each other and become a whole.
All space, color, etc. are reflected by light. Light reflects the characteristics of space, light reflects the taste of space, and light reflects the emotion of space. During the day, natural light is directly illuminated by sunlight, and at night, the light source is arranged in space to create a beautiful feeling. The entire square is designed with Philips CDM-T and LED light-emitting diodes, emphasizing local lighting and accent lighting, emphasizing light distribution, color temperature and color rendering, emphasizing the proper distribution of light source points in space, so that light creates a sense of rhythm in space. .
For the outdoor lighting design, pay attention to the creative structure of the square natural environment, the space is only the stage color, light and shadow, the natural environment is the protagonist.
3, square hydrophilic type
The North District Convention and Exhibition Center Building in Zhuge Liang Plaza, Xiangfan, Hubei Province is the main venue for a session. From the appearance, the roof of the Convention and Exhibition Center is wavy like the edge of Zhuge Kongming. Here, a large and brilliant garden lamp was designed for the square, with a height of 6m, forming a unified pattern with the imposing exhibition center building. This type of lamp is similar to the seesaw, watching the rivers rushing, and the hundreds of battles are like a little sail, and the feelings of relaxation are wide.
The translucent lampshade adopts the imported self-cleaning soft-light tension film technology. This technology is still the first in China, and it is the first attempt in the field of lighting industry. Light sculpture film technology - the use of light on the light-transparent film to vertically illuminate the interior to produce a radiant sculptural piece, forming a inside and outside, a red LED light source built in the upper part of the light pole, as auxiliary light, creating a layer of light and shadow Three-dimensional.
Light sculptural sketch
(1) It is simple, beautiful, and looks like a sail surface;
(2) The light is diffused and the space is infiltrated. This kind of luminaire is profound and profound, showing the broad mind of Xiangfan people who can accommodate Baichuan.
4, modern chasing type
The South Square of Zhuge Liang Plaza in Xiangfan is an ecological green area. It is mainly landscaping and the entire green area is 70%. It is a good place for leisure, walking, romance and warmth. The lights here are not too bright, and the warm-tone lighting is the main line. On a large area of ​​lawn green space, a combination of a rose and a century light garden lamp, which combines anti-traditional alternative lighting technology with modern digitally controlled soft light technology, uses a special illuminator with ultra-narrow beam configuration. Improve and control the light of the light, so that the light source produces a parallel direct characteristic. The 12 channels of light on the ground are like the heavens, showing a special light and shade pattern, thus obtaining the three-dimensional sense of light, color and shadow, and integrating the landscape art effect and the environment atmosphere. At the top of the lamp, you can display ornamental flowers. During the day, you can keep good luck in the pillars of the sky, and the night is as shy as a girl.
a. Lighting----Individually combine different lighting technologies and lighting effects, and create a different atmosphere by interlacing light and shadow.
b. Light source configuration----150W high-pressure sodium lamp, light efficiency up to 97Lx/W; light color is golden yellow warm light; no lighting direction limitation, strong disclosure; luminous flux 13500Lm; color temperature 1900K. The upper part of the lamp body is a red or yellow LED light source.
c. Light and shadow contrast----the contrast between light and shadow is also the contrast of space and darkness. This kind of light and shadow effect caused by contrast between light and dark makes the space person and thing have three-dimensional sense, and can also promote the total luminous flux and light intensity of space. Balance, create a light environment that makes people feel comfortable, and the effect of lighting levels.
d. Light color contrast----Use different types of light sources in the upper and lower space of the same lamp body. At this time, different light colors appear, which constitutes the contrast of light and color, and exerts the colorful landscape art effect.
5, arch bridge viewing type
(1) The arched Zheng Bridge is an important traffic entrance and exit in the west of Haimen City. In order to fully express the architectural style of this bridge, the blue color is the main color, and the yellow color is the auxiliary color to create a solemn, generous and united atmosphere. LED landscape decorative light strips (LED light-emitting diodes) are used on both sides of the bridge to illuminate the main facade, forming a clear blue light belt, and the dynamic pursuit of the lighting effect, the driving space is endless. From the visual tendency to calm, refreshing, more in line with the climate characteristics of the coastal areas, but also means clean and selfless.
Pier lighting, in order to reflect the bottom has a sense of stability, the use of suction wall type of floodlights, high-pressure sodium light source yellow, forming a golden lighting effect, visually bright and soft, highlighting the surrounding atmosphere, but also the government faces the warmth and affection of the public fable. At the same time, the combination of blue and yellow is not contradictory in the same color, which constitutes a unified unity.
The outer side of the arch bridge steel cable on the main bridge adopts LED landscape decoration light blue, which outlines the whole bridge, which makes the whole bridge unique in shape, and deepens the stereoscopic viewing value with different illumination changes of each façade. At night, by reshaping the architectural features of the grand bridge in the special language of lighting, it has become a representative of Haimen’s external image both day and night. Really: the day is the scene, the night is addictive.
(2), high pressure sodium lamp technical parameters:
Model color temperature
(K) color rendering
(CRI) luminous flux
(Lm) light effect
(Lm/w) average life expectancy
(hours) lamp current
(A) Lamp voltage
150W 2000 23 16500 110 32000 1.8 100
(3), LED landscape decorative light belt technical parameters:
Model specification
(mm) light source input voltage
(V) Power consumption lighting
Color cover material standard work
Temperature (0C) protection
BT/ZT Ф50×1000
Ф50×500 ultra-bright LED light-emitting diode 220 monochrome
8W blue colored blue hood per meter
Normal work IP65

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